Saturday, January 28, 2006

Can You Teach Me Arithmetics Plurseee, The Star?

Hold on a sec, lemme get put on my brains first...mmm...o.k. done!

From here.

Now, 'last year' is 2005. The year before that is 2004.'re getting me confused now...

Right, now 'fewer' means 'amounting to or consisting of a small number' according to this. Now, is 13.5 million between January and October 2005 fewer than 13.07 million for the corresponding period in 2004?

So, do you mean 'fewer' as in 2004 or 'fewer' as in 2005? Is 13.5 million fewer than 13.07 (same period)?

Oi, Howsy! It's CNY eve so stop this 'media-attack' thingy and get a life already. Your blog is full of crap and you have to close it sooner or later!

Ooppss...sorry for stepping on your tail. Happy CNY and remember to check this clip also. Ta.

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