Friday, January 20, 2006

Time for reflection...

The Sensintrovert's getting touchy feely and emotional today. Just look at these pictures:

From NST: At the funeral of Gaik Yap, a rape and murder victim in SP.

Let it flow, just let it all out.

Two-year-old Yeoh Kai Ying, being carried by her mother Chow Choy Lin, bidding farewell to her father Yeoh Kok Siew during a prayer session at the funeral ceremony in Penang on Thursday. Kok Siew was killed after a homemade bomb exploded at Prangin Mall on Sunday night. STARpic by Chris Lim

This is just a representation. It is NOT Intan Syafiqah Mohamad Fauzi's grave, who passed away due the alleged victimisation of the red-tape by MOH's Medical Assistance Fund. (Can't find her photo online!)

And last but not least, this infamous photo...
Moorthy's widow, upon hearing the decision of the court...

You may argue that these sad happenings were not isolated to Malaysia and people die day by day. But there is just 'A Series of Unfortunate Events' of them recently.

A strong message and a clear sign to stop the rot already? A political career-suicide plot? Whatever it is, it's time to reflect how lucky we are for the moment. Put your own feet into their shoes. Nobody knows what will happen to us next. Cherish every moment of your life.

Last but not least, let us reflect on the message of this picture, taken at the Aushcwitz Concentratation Camp in Poland:

p.s. I apologise if you are bored with this 'sermon'. It is nothing religious though.

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