Friday, January 06, 2006 kengchau har...cinnamon can treat diabetes...

I don't know what's with the farked up mainstream media nowadays. You blew the whistle, you kena sacked resign. So, it seems now they try to play safe with some rather 'neutral' issue. Takut kenasacked mar. So put cinnamon 'treat' diabetes on front page lar.

Sweet hopes for diabetics

MUAR: Good news for diabetics. A three-year study carried out by Universiti Teknologi Malaysia in Skudai has confirmed previous findings that cinnamon has the potential to lower sugar levels.

UTM research and development manager Prof Dr Mohammad Roji Sarmidi said yesterday their research showed that the spice, known as kayu manis locally, has positive effects on the disease, especially Type II diabetes.

Type II diabetes causes cells to lose their ability to respond to insulin, the hormone that tells the body to remove excess glucose from the bloodstream. This condition usually develops in people in their middle age and prematurely kills an estimated 100 million of the world’s population every year.

Dr Mohammad Roji said herbalists all over the world had used cinnamon in the treatment of diarrhoea and arthritis, as cinnamon extract was found to improve blood circulation, heal wounds, reduce pain spasm and prevent ulcer and allergies.

“In the last decade, laboratory studies have also revealed that cinnamon extract mimicked insulin action in the cells,” he said.

Insulin regulates glucose metabolism, helping body cells to convert glucose to energy and keep blood sugar levels normal.

“Studies by the Agriculture Research Service in the United States have also found that certain substances in cinnamon helps cells become more responsive to insulin,” he added.

Cinnamon is an ingredient used in cooking, and in cakes, pastries and beverages like coffee and tea.

Dr Mohammad Roji said UTM would conduct further studies next year, which would cover tests on animals and metabolic profiling for diabetic patients before cinnamon can be validated as a health food supplement for diabetes.

Normally in Western (and some Far East) countries, when you have published a paper in a high-impact and reputable scientific journals like Nature, Science, Cell, Lancet, etc., you will only be featured in the news, but might not be on the first page all the time. Unless it is about a drug or vaccine for AIDS. However, in Bolehland, even when you have not published anything in a journal, you could still be shot to fame on the first page. And maybe it will help someone become a Vice-Chancellor?

Hamdan Raja Abdullah and Wong Chun Wai, may I suggest both of you do a PubMed search first before deciding to put this small piece of news on the front page. O.K. Maybe there's a sudden hype nowadays about our space mission cuisine-teh tarik causing stroke, so you might just want to follow the hype. But get real matey. This finding is not novel. Just do the PubMed search 'cinnamon diabetes' and you will find the similar finding as early as 1998.

A search in the similar PubMed for 'Sarmidi MR' only came back with one paper. And that was a local journal. seems pretty easy of getting a professorship in Malaysia. One paper is enough. I so want to work in Malaysia after I graduate. As long as I tan my skin, change my religion, get circumsized, change my name and have some political connections. How about that?

So the claim in the letter as featured in Kit's Christmas post was true after all.

Now, Hamdan and Chun Wai, did anyone tell you that the same cinnamon could stimulate adipocyte formation; in layman's term to help grow fat cells in your body making you a fatty boy/girl. Yes, that was the finding from the same group.

Now, I wonder if those atuk/opah/ahgong/ahmas with diabetes would rush to their nearest herbal shop and stuff themselves silly with cinnamon. Or they might go visit 'Dr.' Quack Jessie Chung. But one thing I will know that Cinnabon in KLCC will still make heaps of money.

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