Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Double Skids at Kuching Airport in Less Than Two Weeks

They say 'The lightning never strikes twice'. Not for the Kuching Airport.

On Feb 19, a MAS Airbus A330 skidded off the runway when preparing for take-off at the Kuching International Airport. The Flight MH2507 was getting ready to depart for Kuala Lumpur when the aircraft's front tyre got stuck in the soil at the end of the runway while making a U-turn at 11.05 am.

Image from Bernama.

A reader by the name of 'SAM' even wrote to Malaysiakini suggesting that the pilot might have missed his laksa that morning:

I feel sad for the pilot who was clearly thinking of something else at the time (maybe he missed his morning laksa). But on a more serious note, can MAS assure all citizens that this particular pilot and co-pilot will be suspended indefinitely and sent for a refresher courses on simulators etc?

They should not be allowed to fly again with real passengers on board until they have satisfied the most stringent standards with respect to all aircraft operations - taxiing as well as flying!

Then, yesterday morning, another Boieng 727 DHL cargo plane skidded upon landing during rain at the tail end of the runway. 1,000 passengers were stranded, 18 domestic and international departures and 15 arrivals were delayed while two incoming and two outgoing flights were cancelled.

Image from Bernama.

Oh, did I tell you that flying and landing on snow was safe and kinda exciting and fun? Check out this photo:

February's Shock Factors in Bolehland a.k.a. Tragedi Bulan Februari

Looking back at my February archives and since today is the last day of February and if you're not too amnesiac, let's have a flashbacks of the shocks we had this month alone. Sadly, most of the cases were swept under the carpet and come 2008/9, landslide (victory) again...

First, still in the festive mood, we started off the month with a Japanese Encephalitis-like disease which struck four people here and killed two. It was later confirmed that it was just due to dengue.

Oh, dengue, not barbee! Source: http://www.dengue.gov.sg/images/Mozzie-logo_h160.gif

Later, on the 3rd, the Boys in Blue were misbehaving again by shaving 11 senior citizens bald but somehow sudah kau tim. Also, Screenshots was down for the very first time but up again soon but down again now. :(

Hair's gone a small matter. Dignity's all gone now, thanks to our 'procedure-abiding' YRFs. Photos from NST.

The JP-cartoons controversy was building up also in the start of the month, followed by The Wise Man breaking his silence and later malignating to the Medusanisation, starting with the banning of cartoon possession, then chronically till the suspension of Sarawak Tribune, Guang Ming Daily and Berita Petang Sarawak. We were also shocked by several fake orgasms involving NST, RTM1, RTM2, TV3 and ntv7 but till date, all are still scot-free. Attention seekers also got their weekly Friday fame.

Click on image for larger view. All copyrights reserved, o.k.! Dun pway pway!

Now, this is the REAL picture from CNN.

Going towards the middle of the month, more mati katak cases were reported.

Source: http://www.cprf.ru/clipart/misc/dead_frog_at_road.jpg

Then, exactly in the middle of the month, just when we thought we could pass Valentine's Day romantically, The Wise Man surface-shuffled the iKabinet 40GB© and there was a confusion also in trying to figure out 'Who's Your Momma' and 'Who's Your Daddy'.

Just a week before the end of the month, the country was shocked by the bird flu virus H5N1 presence in the chickens in Gombak. It was only confirmed and made public after Singapore banned the import of the chickens from Selangor.

Kesiannya makcik!!! Depa orang tak tolong makcik sumbat ayam dalam guni ke? Ish...From NST

There's a saying 'Every cloud has a silver lining' or 'The ship will be naturally straight upon reaching the harbour', but unfortunately in Bolehland, reaching the end of February, we were shocked again with floods, shitty water and petrol price hike! Even Screenshots was down!

No, this is not New Orleans and it was not Katrina's fault...

Some say the feeling of the fuel hike was like Jack being dry-farked from behind by Enis...

Meanwhile, the 'Elie the Loonie' fiasco somehow died down, with the disgraced one trying to dodge whenever's possible.

Land still empty?

Hogging newspaper headlines were trivial researches such as the Orang Asli and the Kucing Galak ones.

Source- http://mdsesd.mds.com.tw/~kinmatsu/flowers/Acalypha.indica.html

Other 'trivial' shock factors in February include the finalisation of space mission and the Big Foot brouhaha.

Wah! Paris and Brokeback also wanna interviewed by my paper! Fast food also going to advertise on my front page! Wohoo!!! (Click on image for larger view)

Will the Jinx of February end soon? Or at least till 2008/9? Image source: http://www.goenglish.com/EveryCloudHasASilverLining.asp

Monday, February 27, 2006

BBC Jonathan Kent Chose Big Foot, Skipped iKabinet 40GB© and Medusanisation

Just wondering what is actually the criteria for putting a piece of news on BBC's Asia Pacific News website. As usual, they tend to pick on trivial issues such as 'roti canai' going to space or 'veteran man married 50 times' and news liddat. Are they trying to make fun of us? Or are we asking for it in the first place? Check out this latest piece of news on Big Foot, somewhat kinda overdued after our local news reported frantically on it last week.

Johor bans foreign ape man hunt

The southern Malaysian state of Johor has threatened to jail foreigners who venture into its jungles looking for a legendary ape man, dubbed 'Big Foot'.

The state's Forestry Department says Big Foot enthusiasts found on its land without a permit will face up to three years jail or a fine of up to $2,500.

The hunt for Big Foot has gripped Malaysia after a spate of sightings.

Now authorities are determined that if the ape man exists, Malaysians will be the first to find him.

Malaysians are being invited to pay just over $1 for a permit to roam around Johor state's forest reserves, where most of the reported sightings have taken place.

The state also plans to sponsor a scientific expedition, and although Malaysia has few primate specialists, foreigners will again not be invited.

Local tourism industry leaders told the BBC the ban on non-Malaysians entering forest reserves was daft and should be rethought.

The country hopes to lure 20 million foreign visitors next year and its main attractions are its beaches and its jungles.

Tourism bosses say the move will simply confuse and possibly drive away just the people they want to attract.

O.K., hands up. How many of you out there are Big Foot believers? As for myself, not unless I get hold of the DNA of it, everything else is crap.

p.s. No, so far, no one has asked whether I've seen the mysterious creature or not, fingers-crossed. Or else they think I'm also some sort of toyol also...

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Have you been to Shah Alam's 'Water Festival' lately?

Have you been to Shah Alam's 'Water Festival' lately? It was said to be part of the activities to celebrate Selangor's achievement as the first developed state in Malaysia. First, Jeff broke the news and then followed by Bernama and now UM and others.

Check out these pictures, all sourced and copyrighted to Bernama:

No, this is not New Orleans and it was not Katrina's fault...

Even the 'Giant' did not escape the floods...wonder what happened to the goods in there... Image from UM.

Aww....how touching...just see how caring the MB lending his hand in cooking food for the flood victims, which includes egg-breaking...

Eh, how did the UK's Sainsbury's plastic bag end up there? Is there one in Malaysia already? Or someone's been to a 'lawatan sambil belajar' to the UK again?

...and dough-stirring.

What's cooking, Doc?

For more flood pictures, check out The Star's pic gallery also.

Seriously, how would you feel if your MB who said 'Semuanya O.K.' to a piece of bald land visited the drenched you? You love him? Hate him?

Oh, a blogger has also reported on the shitty water in Klang...

Selangor: A Truly Developed 'Water Festival'?

Read about the REAL Water Festival here.

Final Destination Malaysia: More Migrant Deaths

Have you seen the no-brainer Final Destination 3? Well, don't worry. We have our very own version in our own backyard. From UM:

Ketua Polis Daerah Jempol, Supritendan Meyor Hamdan Meyor Mohamad berkata, secara tiba-tiba tebing tersebut mula merekah dan runtuh dengan perlahan-lahan.

``Melihat keadaan tersebut mereka cuba melarikan diri tetapi salah seorang daripadanya tersangkut pada cerucuk berkenaan.

``Seorang daripada mangsa telah berpatah balik untuk membantu rakannya bagaimanapun keadaan berubah dengan cepat apabila bahagian atas tebing terbabit runtuh dan menimbus kedua-dua mangsa manakala seorang lagi mengalami kecederaan di kaki.

``Runtuhan tersebut menyebabkan salah seorang daripada mereka telah tercucuk besi dari bahagian mata sehingga menembusi kepala,'' katanya ketika ditemui di tempat kejadian.

Translation for bolded part: The wreakage caused one of the victim's eye to be poked through a metal bar and penetrated across his head"

Ouch! Image source: http://img.citypages.com/imagebank/articles/20_973/20_973a7821.jpg

Welcome to another Final Destination Malaysia: Mati Katak Extreme Edition!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Toyol In Bottle's Back In Sea, When's Perseus Gonna Stop Spinning and Axing Medusa?

Malaysia is really blessed with small and big mythical creatures, and more recently, a mythical creature appeared from nowhere, somehow spinned to get bigger and bigger, so much so Perseuses were employed to chop off its head.

Now, let's get back to the Toyol thingy which created a small storm (not to be confused with a massive flood lately) when UM published this. Thousands flocked to the Pahang Musuem to witness the bottle where the mythical creature was concealed.

Image source: http://2.srv.fotopages.com/2/7476927/apekONE-tha-toyol.jpg

Seriously, if they knew it's a mythical creature which may bring possible harm and jinx to the public, why would they want to put it into a museum for the whole wide world to see? That puzzled me a lot. It was like a scene from Scary Movie 3 where 'The Ring: You're gonna die in 7 days' tape was aired on the TV for the whole wide world to see. (Oh, btw, Scary Movie 4's coming soon and can't wait to see this ultimate spoof movie, with this time featuring War of the Worlds and Tom Kulus jumping on Opelah's couch!)

So the Toyol's finally back to the sea; when are the Perseuses gonna stop the Medusa-spinning and head-axing?

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Learning from the Sifu (WIse Man)

"No inspiration yet, we will tell you when the time comes"


Could this be the quote of the year for Malaysia?

I know that the all-time phrase of the year is going to be 'cartoon'...

p.s. Sorry for the short post. Still no inspiration yet. Will write when time comes. LOL!

OMFG!!! Refractory Period's Over, Time for Second Screwing

Ting! Ting! Refractory's period over. Time for second screwing now.

The Medusanisation© has begun here and here. *to the tune of Star Wars* Teng, teng, teng, ten nen nen...*

Welcome to Bolehland's Believe It or Not!©

Friday, February 24, 2006

The Cartoon PCR Roundup

For those living under the coconut shell still in the dark, here's a roundup of my version of the chronology of events:


Mon, Feb 20 :
Jeff questioned whether the cartoon was offensive. (Thou shalt not question?)

Tues, Feb 21:
After almost exactly 24 hours after the exposé, Party A lodged police reports against NST.

Multiple stimulation

Wed, Feb 22

The very next morning, regurgitation of news here, and here. English MSM were deafeningly quiet about this, except of course the accusee who reprinted the cartoon and reiterate 'What NST Says', trying to spin Jeff as an instigator instead.

17:54:47 MYT, Party B, not wanting to lose out, demanded NST to apologise whole-heartedly to Muslims and all races in Malaysia.

19:18 PM MYT, ZAM called the action 'as unwise and uncalled for provocation', and said 'Wait till PM's back.

21:52 PM Top NST editors summoned by Ministry to explain publication of cartoon.

Fake orgasms

Thurs, Feb 23

Morning, NST received a show-cause letter from the Ministry, cartoon strip-daily removed.

20:18 PM NST Editor should be Suspended, says Tun M

20:45 PM PM says 'Too early too comment'.

Fri, Feb 24

UM says 'Action on NST will 'follow rules'.

NST says 'Soli lar, screw you, Jeff and watch out RTM!

13:45 PM "O.K. Say soli enuf liao, come Daddy give you a hug! Don't be a big noti boi next time, O.K."

Friday, after Friday, after Friday: PAS’ publicity stunt a flop.

18:06 PM "We must learn to be like The Sensintrovert sensitive to religions.

19:12 PM Aiks...what a quick U-turn! Oh.... Sandywara after all!

19:13 PM "Semuanya O.K. Kau tim liao."

Refractory period

Second round of Medusa, anyone?


Dumbfounded. No need litmus test. No need yard stick. No need shoe-eating.


Thursday, February 23, 2006

J for Jeff, V for Vendetta: The Cartoon PCR.

PCR for Press Chain Reaction that is, not Polymerase Chain Reaction.

Personally, I feel saddened with all these going on. Even his fellow blogger colleagues (celeb ones lar) turned against him because they have some personal interest in the accused paper. Like it or not, some sort of blog wars and blog politics are going on now. And here is my piece of thought, which I would like to keep it short and simple:

1. Pre-core
If anyone would to be blamed and suspended, this, this and this should be the ones instead. No PCR should happen in the first place.

2. Core

A. Was the cartoon offensive? Jeff, The Instigator?

As I'm not a Muslim, I reserve my comments on the extent of the offensiveness part but I dare reiterate this directive is absolutely ridiculous, mimicking it to Medusa.

B. V for Vendetta?

Personal vendetta? Hidden agenda? Personally, I was sort of like in his own shoes when I posted this. It is undeniable that the 'kencing and najis' case did have a psychological imprint on him, like it or not. The same goes for the accusations on me in this forum topic. But allow me to convince you to see the bigger picture in C.

C. Media Policing and Punishing?

I won't talk about political parties here as they claim to be the saviours and defenders of the religion but frankly speaking, they must have a hidden agenda. I'm talking about his exposé/whistle-blowing here. We Malaysians are often too amnesiac to remember past happenings. Call it 'forgive and forget', if you like. I won't give examples of the guilts and spins of the mainstream media (MSM) here. You are smart enough to go figure it yourself.

The Wikipedia defines 'mass media' as:
a term used to denote, as a class, that section of the media specifically conceived and designed to reach a very large audience (typically at least as large as the whole population of a nation state

So, like it or not, even if you live under a coconut shell don't read the papers, never surf the net or don't bother to know the current events, the mainstream media (MSM) played a significant role in our lives, to the extent to brainwash us to believe everything which was written (which includes me previously). That's why how ruling governments and political parties (esp. Third World Countries' ones) like to control the MSM for their propaganda. This further explains why those 'this's in Part 1 mentioned above came in.

3. Conclusion

Like what he mentioned in a reply to the comments he got:
Personally, I am very disturbed ith the modus operandi at the mainstream media, especially those with dominant links to political parties, and their impact on governance in Malaysia. However, my commentary and analysis will only come after all things have settled. Let the law take its own course for now.

, and the fact of the influence of the mass media has, as mentioned in 2C, let this be a litmus test and a yard stick how the iKabinet 40GB© perform. Let the Joe Rakyat see how they fare in handling this matter and interpret what is the extent of hypocrisy and double-standard they might have, if not already publicly known.

The take-home message of the day: Cartoon offensiveness-questionable; Punishing NST: Inevitable.

Final note again: Make peace Malaysian media! May the force be with the bloggers also!

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Top Search Engines Lurve The Sensintrovert ?

Example: Here, here and especially here.

And no, I won't post 'T@mMy nYp' to pimp my blog and someone's gonna get STD soon. And btw, your name sucked. You are not Pammy.

The Sensintrovert will be in a hibernating mode hopefully for a very short moment now due to blogger's block.

Final note: Make peace Malaysian media! May the force be with the bloggers also!

What Does MV Augusta and Princess Diana's Paparazzis Have In Common?

Question: What does this...

...and these....
have in common?

Answer: Both were dealt with this...

If you think that the selling of MV Augusta by Proton for only 1 Euro was not symbolic enough, how about this case (from Reuters):

Diana crash paparazzi to pay one euro in damages

PARIS (Reuters) - A French court has ordered three photographers to pay one euro in damages for breaching privacy laws when taking pictures of Princess Diana on the night of her fatal crash, according to a ruling made available on Wednesday.

The single euro divided between the trio will be paid to Mohamed al Fayed, the Egyptian-born millionaire and father of Dodi al Fayed, Diana's companion who also died in the crash.

Diana, Dodi and chauffeur Henri Paul were killed on August 31, 1997 when their Mercedes car crashed in a tunnel as it sped away from the Ritz hotel in the French capital with paparazzi photographers in hot pursuit on motorbikes.

The photographers were sentenced on Friday after the Paris appeals court overturned earlier rulings and decided that the three had invaded the couple's privacy twice during the evening.

Haiyo, do you think Mohd al Fayed will even give a damn about the 1 Euro?


Prince Charles' Diary

Meanwhile, late D's ex-husband is suing the Mail on Sunday paper's owners in an attempt to block publication of further details of his thoughts. What thoughts? Losing weight and juicy sexual fantasies with Cam? No...these were his thoughts:

1. The Handover of Hong Kong = The Great Chinese Takeaway.

2. Chinese officials = "appalling old waxworks".

3. One ceremony = "awful Soviet-style" performance; speech by then-Chinese President Jiang Zemin = "propaganda".

4. Not attending a state banquet thrown by Chinese President Jiang Zemin = "as a deliberate snub" and a "boycott" to the regime.

So you thought you have had enough of the British royal family? Seriously, the Brits here do not really give a damn about them. Only people like Britney Spears would go ga-ga over it. Hell, even people Down Under would want to use D in the latest scam!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Big Foot Left Perak, Avoided Thailand and Loves Johor.

Spot the Engrund grammatical error in tbe title above and I'll give you 50 pence. Silly Howsy!

Big Foot-"Best in Perak and Johor and some say Singapore?"

Why, why do you leave my home state? Now all the glory has gone to Johor (which is also quater of my home state lar)...From Bernama:

Bigfoot In Johor Believed To Be From Perak

JOHOR BAHARU, Feb 22 (Bernama) -- A colony of "Bigfoot" believed to be roaming the jungles of Johor is said to have moved there from the jungles around Gerik in Perak, according to a source.

The source said the colony, now numbering about 40, had originated as a group of 17 and had moved away due to three main reasons -- the skirmishes between soldiers and communist guerrillas in the early 70s, construction of the East-West Highway and the building of a dam.

In its search for a new habitat, the colony had moved southwards and reached Pahang before getting to Johor, the source told Bernama, here Wednesday.

When the colony was first detected in the jungles of Johor in the 70s, there were only 15 members, the source said, adding that two members are believed to have died or got separated from the group and set up their own colonies or groups.

The source said the older members of the Bigfoot then were in their 20s, adding that it was believed that Bigfoot there were now in their 50s to 60s.

Over the years, the source said, their number grew to about 40, made up of three families.

"The 40 comprised adults and young ones, as well as males and females," the source said.

Asked why the Bigfoot did not move northwards to the jungles of southern Thailand, the source said the jungles there were unsuitable for them.

The source also said that there was a possibility that the Bigfoot in the jungles of Johor would seek a new habitat because of logging and development.

Source? What source? Supernatural source? Psychic source? Say lar Little Bird source or something liddat...

Where next? Swim across the Causeway to Sing-land, dodging the Crooked Bridge?

Read about this creature who created ga-ga all around the world from The Independent, UK.

The unknown world: How I tracked Bigfoot through the Malaysian jungle

Jan McGirk joined a team of paranormal investigators to check out reports of 10ft giant apes in the rainforest near Kota Tinggi. This is what they found...

At first glance it might have seemed like nothing. A four-inch impression in the mud of the Malaysian rainforest. On closer inspection, however, it seemed as if it might be the astounding find the expedition had been hoping for. A footprint of the creature known variously as Bigfoot, Sasquatch, the tropical Yeti or - to locals - the Mawas.

Said to grow up to 10- feet tall, with an awesome armspan, a trio of these undiscovered hominids were at the centre of a flurry of unconfirmed sightings by frightened plantation workers three months ago. And in the fading light of the Bukit Lantang woods on the fringe of dense forest in Johor state, a single splayed print appeared to offer the most compelling evidence yet that we were on the trail of the mighty beast.

The Mawas appears to have grabbed for support when it teetered off-balance, because tree branches 11 feet overhead had been damaged, directly above the spot where the animal's left heel had sunk four inches into a muddy puddle. A stick had snapped beneath one of its toe depressions.

A second fresh footprint proved impossible to find but recent damage to a rotting log, located a couple of strides away, suggested it had might have borne a prodigious weight.


In Malaysia, Mawas-mania is building, fuelled partly by television. The plaster cast from Bukit Lantang woods will be presented to government scientists by Syed Abdullah Alattas, a Malaysian celebrity better known as "Uncle", who stars in a popular reality show called Seekers. Every week he tracks down the paranormal on camera, invariably surrounded by a group of female acolytes armed with daggers, who squeal fetchingly whenever they encounter the unknown.

For our trip, the Seekers crew had brought in an array of arcane equipment, including remote control robot cameras, infrared goggles and sound-enhancers, but the fresh footprint was found by chance. During a demonstration of the sound-boosting sensors before we left for the jungle, it was easy to distinguish whether restaurant diners were chewing on breakfast croissants or toast. But, during a 12-hour monitoring period in the forest, no aural trace of the bigfoot was detected.

Lack of evidence is not likely to slow the bandwagon building momentum in Kuala Lumpur though. Cartoons show a giant ape straddling the landmark Petronas Towers and grinning rubber-ape masks are being hawked at traffic lights in the city centre. Despite the growing excitement, there have been no urban sightings of Bigfoot. So far, the only sign of the primates has been found in the southern wilds, usually close to the water.

Psstt...has anyone bought the t-shirt with Big Foot climbing Petronas Twin Towers har? Send me a photo of it kennornot?

Kayveas, looks like the biggest monkey in Malaysia is in the Johor jungles after all, not in the Parliament.

What Do You Do When You Were Disgraced? (2)

Part 1 here.

You still say:
My lips are sealed, no comment. Let me go.

The promised ground breaking ceremony has long overdued and not a single sen was put on the table.

"Deep in my heart, I always hope for people's help. I don't question their intention as long as it's halal"

Hell, I know some very 'sincere' people who asked for my help (even more under God's name).

Why can't some people stand up for their mistakes and apologise?

Phrases of the day: 'To err is human' and 'Sorry seems to be the hardest word'.

Cock-Eyed NST: The Cartoon Chronicles Continued...

JUST HOW DEADLY IS IT (I don't have the printed version or online subcription, O.K.! So stop complaining already!)

After the earlier 'brouhaha', NST chose a full-page chicken eye and put the headline 'JUST HOW DEADLY IS IT' on its front page. A retaliation?
"We ain't chickening out! Instead the deadly chicken is watching y'all those who whistle-blow" ?

"Look, we are too good to be sacrificed, O.K. We are a 'proven tool for learning English' and 'pictures, cartoons or sports personalities should be used to interest the children'. Can we get back to work now?"

Have you got the printed version? Source said that they will reprint of the comic on Page 2. Check out Taiko's one.

While, sister paper regurgitated the news from Bernama, there was deafening silence from The Star and The Sun.

Looked like I'll not be having a 'shoe-eating feast' after all...

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Dump Your ReNu Contact Lenses Solution Now?

UPDATED: According to Reuters, B&L are still conducting 'thorough and scientific investigation to 'clear their product of any involvement' and the 'sales of the product were not affected in other countries'.


Personally, I think that the batch of ReNu which caused infection was probably contaminated. So, I think we should wait the official annoucement from our MOH and B&L also.

But I still prefer the el-cheapo ones ;).


Well, Sing-land has already done that:

Rise in number of fungal infections among contact lens users

SINGAPORE : There has been a rise in the number of fungal infections of the eye among contact lens users.

A total of 39 cases were detected, up from the 22 reported previously.

The Health Ministry has also strongly urged those using Bausch and Lomb's ReNu multipurpose solution to stop, until investigations are complete.

Bausch and Lomb's ReNu solution has a strong association with the fungal infection cases, says the Health Ministry.

A total of 35 out of the 39 contact lens wearers infected with the Fusarium solari fungus said they had used the solution.

Four were unsure of the brand they use while at least one use a different brand.

Also from Bernama and Sing MOH wesbite.

Quick, quick dump this!!! (Sing only)

Read all about fungal corneal infections here.

The Contact Lens Practitioners' Board (CLPB) of Sing reminds contact lens users of the following:

1. Practise proper contact lens cleaning and care regimes. Lenses must be rubbed with the fingers and rinsed thoroughly before soaking overnight in a multi-purpose solution.
2. Disposable contact lenses must not be used beyond their recommended disposal period.
3. The multi-purpose solution in the lens storage case must be changed everyday even if the lenses are not used daily.
4. Contact lens storage cases should be replaced at least every three months.
5. Users should stop wearing the lenses if they develop any redness, blurring of vision or pain of the eye and to seek consultation with a doctor or contact lens practitioner.
6. Alternatively contact lens users may wish to use spectacles instead for the time being.

Psstt...I am a contact lenses wearer also and I only use Watson's cheapest brand. And I did not follow 2, 3, 4 and did '6' the other way around, i.e. contact lenses as alternative for specs. :P

Now, what say you , Soi Lek?

Breaking News (?): Police Report Lodged Against NST for Latest Muhammad-related Cartoon

UPDATED: Regurgitation of news here, and here.

Well, you've seen and heard it from here. Now three non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and opposition party PAS have lodged a police report against NST. (What leading-leading, say lar NST, like you said China Press and Guangming Daily). From Bernama:

NGOs, PAS Lodge Police Report On Offensive Cartoon In Newspaper

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 21 (Bernama) -- Three non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and opposition party PAS, Tuesday lodged a police report against a leading English daily for publishing a cartoon on the controversial caricatures of Prophet Muhammad, Monday.

The newspaper published cartoonist Willie Miller's caricature on page eight of a section on "coffee break". It showed a cartoonist doing a sketch on the drawing board while waiting for his customers.

The Malaysian Muslim Consumers Association (PPIM), the Peninsular Malay Students Federation (GPMS) and Malaysian Indian Muslim Congress (KIMMA), which are under the auspices of the Majlis Angkatan Permuafakatan NGO-NGO Malaysia (MAPAN), lodged their respective police reports at the Brickfields police district head office here at 3.30 pm.

Another police report was made by PAS Youth chief Salahuddin Ayub at the Dang Wangi police station at about 3 pm.


In this regard, PAS and Mapan spokesman said they wanted action to be taken against the newspaper to prevent from further untoward incidents from happening.

The newspaper's management could not be contacted this afternoon to comment on the police reports lodged against the daily for publishing the syndicated cartoon titled 'Non Sequitur'.

Yeah, police report, so what? Probably they will just face a slap on the wrist like a suspension of the comics section for 2 weeks or so only.

Most probably liddis only.

Indefinitely, that is...

...I'm going to eat these:

Who Speaks For The Bird Flu Outbreak? Who Speaks For The Bird Flu Control?

Title inspired from a recent conference in KL.

Answer: ALL! With the jumbo-sized iKabinet 40GB©, it's not only the Minister of Health who speaks for all. Look at the list of ministry's and let's see what's already been said or will be said:

Prime Minister Cum Minister Of Finance Malaysia and Minister Of Internal Security Malaysia
*wait for few days first; not now*

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister Of Defence
We will strengthen our defence mechanism to control bird flu, which may include recruiting past Khidmat Negara participants as chicken-cullers.

Minister Of Housing & Local Government
Everything also can recycle except chicken and bird carcasses, O.K. And keep off rearing chicken in your house. And when I mean chicken, I mean Gallus domestica, not that other chicken.

Minister Of Works
Vanakkam! Eh, all tambhis and macha, don't go all call my mobile and ask about bird flu O.K.! And don't worry, all highways are safe for those chicken you rear under them!

Minister Of Energy, Water and Communications
Electricity and water gonna increase coz we have to use a lot of water to wash clean out bird flu and more electricity to cook chicken thoroughly.

Minister Of International Trade and Industry,
Even there is bird flu, AP is here to stay. hAPpy now?

Minister Of Foreign Affrairs
Bird flu or no bird flu, we still will NOT have any diplomatic relationships with Israel, O.K.!

Minister Of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry
Action to disinfect all chicken coops in the affected area was also carried out while monitoring of the area and its residents was continuing.

Minister Of Human Resources
The reason for the current undergraduate unemployment might be due to the culling of chicken, causing them to lose jobs. They do not have other skills as they did not have to speak English and only have to say 'Cluck! Cluck!' to the chickens.

Minister Of Education
Kids, do not attempt to use a keris to cull a chicken. Leave them to the Men in White. Now, go back to school and no more chicks as school projects.

Minister Of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs
Come! Come! Everybody eat chicken! Chicken very the nice one!

Minister Of Finance
Bird Flu Brings Down Prices Of Poultry Stocks

Shall I go on?

The Million-Ringgit Committing Suicide Picture...

I let this million-ringgit picture do the talking and judge for yourself:

Kesiannya makcik!!! Depa orang tak tolong makcik sumbat ayam dalam guni ke? Ish...From NST

OMFG!!! She was smiling also, posing for the photographers who were prone as well to be infected! And the culling team willingly let her do so with her bare hands!!! OMG! Has she learnt that from her leader, not practising universal precautions?

See earlier alert here and related posts:

Beau...ti...flu...I LOVE Bird (flu)!

Beau...ti...flu...I LOVE Bird (flu) (Part 2)

The Thirteenth Floor Jinx In Penang.

Bad luck? The Thirteenth Floor jinx? Victim not observant enough? Developer's fault? Check out this freak accident:

Labourer walks into lift shaft at low-cost flats

PENANG: A 40-year-old man, probably worn out after taking the stairs down from the 13th floor of his Bayan Lepas low-cost flat unit, walked straight into a lift shaft on the fifth floor and plunged to his death.

Sahrudin Yusof, a labourer, died on the spot of multiple head and body injuries following the freak incident at the Taman Sri Bayu flats at 7.15am yesterday.

Witness Jamariah Sulaiman, 48, said the lift door opened when she pressed the button but there was no lift car inside. Her 12-year-old son almost stepped into the shaft but she managed to pull him back in time.

“As I stepped back to take a better look at the shaft, a man suddenly walked straight in,” she said.

“I could not warn him in time and all I could do was look in horror as he plunged to his death.”

and according to UM, he let a group of students to board the lift at the 13th floor where he stayed as a kind gesture:

Timbalan Ketua Polis Daerah Barat Daya, Deputi Supritendan Zahari Ahmad berkata, berdasarkan maklumat awal, mangsa keluar dari rumahnya di tingkat 13 flat berkenaan dan menunggu ketibaan lif.

Bagaimanapun sebaik lif tiba di tingkat itu, mangsa memberikan laluan kepada sekumpulan murid-murid memasukinya.

``Mangsa mengambil keputusan untuk turun menggunakan tangga dan apabila tiba di tingkat lima, mangsa mendapati pintu lif terbuka lalu terus memasukinya.

While the contractor should be blamed for not maintaining the lift, users of lifts should also be aware and alert these's actually a cabin before boarding.

Meanwhile, read all about the Thirteenth Floor Jinx here. There's also a movie made on the same title, remember?

Where's the 13th floor? Picture from Wikipedia.

Jeez! It's not even Halloween yet or Friday the 13th and freak things liddat could happen. Kinda remembers me of a scene from the latest Final Destination 3.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Bird Flu H5N1 Detected In Selangor?

UPDATED: The Minister has confirmed the bird flu case and assured no cause for alarm.

I seriously DO NOT know about that. Do not shoot the messenger here. Just heard it from this Bernama news:

Singapore Suspends Poultry And Egg Imports From Selangor

SINGAPORE, Feb 20 (Bernama) -- Singapore's food security authority, the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA), has suspended poultry and egg imports from Selangor with immediate effect after receiving what it said is "information on the detection of H5N1 in kampung chickens" at a village in the state.

AVA said in a statement late Monday that the suspension of imports was a precautionary measure, in line with the established protocol between the veterinary authorities of the two countries for poultry imports from disease-free zones in Malaysia.

"The current suspension will not affect poultry imports from the disease-free zones of Johor, Malacca, Perak and Negri Sembilan," the agency said.

For further information, kindly enquire your Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Health.

"Yeah, I know I'm cute but evil, but don't ask me; ask your ministers!" Pic Source- http://ryanduff.net/images/wordpress/chickenlittle.jpg

Meanwhile, check out the bird flu outbreak worldwide through Google Earth here.

OMGF! I just bought a dozen of free-range eggs here in the UK and now Blair is telling farmers 'to watch out and plan'? Should I discard them? Or throw them at Kelly?

Cluck Luck!

"Who's Your Daddy!": Part 2

Previously. Now, Conversation of the Day:

"Ini bukan cara betul mengecat. Kenapa ada kesan-kesan di sini? Buangkan kesan-kesan ini sebelum ia kering."

"Kalau tak habis, tak payah balik,"

(" This is not the right way to paint. Why are there stains here? Clear the stains before they get dry."

"If you haven't finished yet, you can't go back"

Photo from Bernama.

Little known fact of the day:

Fishing from river bank, standing can burn up to 300 calories per hour while painting can burn up to 388 calories per hour. Source.

Spot The Error in the Sentence...

Malaysia’s many religious observances include the Lantern Festival and the St Anne’s Feast.

Psstt...Kamini, even I know Pongal and Diwali are not the same...

Brush up on your festivities knowledge, O.K.!

Ho! Ho! Ho! Welcome To Prostitutes' Open Day!

Have you been to Amsterdam this weekend? Aww...I missed it. The Red Light District Open Day in Amsterdam. From Reuters:

Red light district "open day" draws curious Dutch

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - Amsterdam's famed red light district held its first ever "open day" on Saturday as its peep-shows and brothels gave crowds of wide-eyed visitors free entry to help shed the area's increasingly negative reputation.

Armed with a list of 25 establishments opening their doors and flinging back their red curtains, hundreds of tourists and locals seized the opportunity to see a prostitute's bedroom, watch a brief live peep-show or chat to a lap dancer.

Harrowing reports of forced prostitution and human trafficking have caused a public outcry in recent months and even prompted calls from councillors for the 800-year-old red light district to be shut down, to the fury of many sex workers.

Stories of petty crime and gang violence also dominate.

"The open day is partly to promote the red light district but also to help change the image of the area because we think it is too negative," said organiser Mariska Majoor, a former prostitute who now runs an information centre on the district.

"There are not just problems here," she added.

Prostitution has been fully legal in the Netherlands since 2000, and sex workers are self-employed and subject to tax.

However one rights group estimates that around 3,500 women are trafficked to the Netherlands each year from eastern Europe and Asia to work in secret brothels or illegal escort agencies, where they are often held captive and abused.

Tourist authorities admit the district -- a clutch of narrow alleys and canals lined with sex shops, brothels and neon signs -- is as big an attraction as Amsterdam's museums and coffee shops, where marijuana is freely smoked and sold.

Every night visitors throng the streets, agog at the scantily clad women sitting behind huge red-lit windows, but only a fraction venture inside.

Cum! Cum! We also sell Tongkat Ali and Kucing Galak here! p.s. Photo should not be mistaken as somewhere in BB. AP Photo.

It's high time the Malaysian gomen should send a delegate to there to promote our 'national treasures'.

Psst...I've been there but not done that ;). No, not even weed!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Oh, I'm So Evillll!!!: Not Another Engrund Post! (2)

Part 1 here.

I'm in the mood of becoming evil again today. So please bear with me, O.K.

After yet again 11 farking days later, I got the reply from the same writer, this time to my Gmail address. Here's the e-mail:

From: [censored] Mailed-By: hotmail.com
To : [censored]@gmail.com
Date: 18-Feb-2006 23:45
Subject: ph.d student advice.....hi [my name]

Hi [my name]

Are you ok? I hope so....thank your for your kind replay but i asked you your mobile to know some more details about ph.d and prof.[supervisor's name]...
anywhay I want to know is my ph.d degree in [scientific field] or in [another scientific field]?
using [scientific method] in your research.....how often?daily?weekly?
do you have to do any courses before you get start your ph.d?
is there is any presentation i have to do before the end of my thessis?
do I have to give lectures for undergraduate students?
what do you mean by that prof.[supervisor's name] strict?exactly in what?
I am very apriciating your replay...

thanks and can i invite you for a cup of coffe??

Arghhh!!! Pic source- http://www.getangry.com/art/gallery1/images_g1/strangle.jpg

I guess my reply should turn out to be liddat:

Hello xxx,

Thank you for your e-mail. Unfortunately I'm already experiencing convulsions, vomitting and extreme pain after reading your e-mail. 'Anywhay', you must have climbed mountains, swam oceans and ran through jungles to get internet connection to write that reply. Awww...really appreciated that.

I must really thank you also for becoming my first stalker fan, asking for my mobile number. But NO matey, are you like farking retard not to understand my previous e-mail that I want people to respect my privacy and that we could always contact through e-mail?

Regarding the title of your Ph.D, does it really matter as you can't even spell and punctuate your words. Hell, this reply took you 11 farking days to write!

Oh, you must be really obsessed with [scientific procedure]. C'mon, are you having a fetish on that. Go easy buddy. How often? Oh, that's a bit personal. But Woody Allen says "Don't knock it off, it's something to do with someone I love".

Do I have to do courses? Well for me, I am too smart already so I don't have to attend any courses. But I was subjected to a masochistic course to brainwash me to speak the English accent, binge drink and engage in a ritualistic orgy. Interested?

Presentation? Yeah, every student has to present a performance each; females have to present 'shooting daggers from *ahem* to dart boards' while males have to present 'tieing balls to the fan and turn on the fan to the maximum speed' (Hey, is this ragging procedure in unis still in practice?)

Giving lectures? I'd rather not matey. They will have to wait 11 days for you to come to class, try to decipher your Da Cuckoo Code and have to surrender mobile phone numbers to you later.

Yeah, the Professor is really strict. He will make us run threadmills, subject us to blood and gore and will clamp your balls and nipples and electrocute them. He will then make you eat mercury pills. Then, he'll put you in a chamber and insist that you must have gallons of a bodily fluid to donate to a reproductive bank. (Psstt...I have almost similar kind too in my country).

No, for the umpteenth time, although maybe in your dreams, I DID NOT 'play' you or wish to 'replay' you again.

Oh, I 'apriciate' your 'coffe' offer but I am already 'coff-eng' blood now reading and replying to your e-mail.

Jeez! What a stalker, eh! After 'mobile phone' and 'play', now want to 'coffe' summore liddat!

Gosh, am I fast turning into Michael Ooi?

Listen Lah To Thy Wise Man...

Latest from Thy Wise Man:

"If you want to fly a kite, you need to release the string and let the kite fly loose. When the kite finds its direction, then you control the string and then you manoeuvre the kite. If you hold on too tightly, the kite will spin out of control."

Pic source-http://www.nataliedee.com/022003/kite.jpg

What about the SothiKite? Remember?

Guess who has been 'flying aeroplanes'* lately?

* Literally translated from a Cantonese idiom.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Kucing Galak (Seks): OMFGBBQ! I Can't Believe I Just Read This...

I feel like swearing. Really. Hell yeah. From The Star and earlier from Bernama:

Study on plant that turns cats on

KANGAR: A herbal plant, which stimulates cats to moan and groan after smelling or eating it, is now being researched for its “oomph” power for men.

Researchers are now trying to determine if the Kucing Galak plant is safe for consumption.

The plant, which grows well anywhere, may be an alternative to Tongkat Ali and ginseng.

Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim said research had begun in a mini bio-technology centre in Sungai Batu Pahat near here under a RM2mil grant from the Federal Government.

“Initial research shows that each time a cat smells or eats the plant, its sex drive increases. We want to research the medicinal value of the plant with a view of introducing it for consumption,” he said.

“We are curious why the plant causes the cats to moan and groan,” he told a press conference after the swearing-in of 15 Kangar municipal councillors yesterday.

Shahidan said initial research showed that the herbal plant was suitable for those suffering from erectile dysfunction or low sex drive.

Therefore, he hoped that the plant could be a better alternative for such purposes.

“Currently, the plant has only been tested on cats. We need to see the reaction on people,” he said, adding that researchers from Universiti Sains Malaysia would be assisting.

Miao! Source- http://www.crazylanka.com/acalyphaghost.jpg

Quote: 'Initial research'. With all due respect Datuk and the related Profs, where is the publication? No publication, no talk, o.k. Publish or perish!

Quote: 'We need to see the reaction on people'. Wow! Never knew that humans could be so easily and instantly be 'guinea-pigs' for medical research in Malaysia. Medical research ethics like ABC. Liddat I also want to come back and do my research. Screw those mice, rat, rabbits, dogs, sheep etc. HUMANS. YUM!!!

Seriously, c'mon lar. We're talking about a very young research field here. You sure you wanna straight away want to test on humans? Do your in vitro studies first, then to in vivo in lab animals ethically and only consider clinical trials O.K. Plurseee!!!

So, it's time for The Sensintrovert to bring you the see the bigger picture now because the mainstream media (MSM) is totally hopeless on this, with the little help of Google and Pubmed.

Now what is this Kucing Galak thing (not to be confused with Kuching Gatal-a blogger?)? Its scientific name is Acalypha indica according to here.
Chinese name: 印度鐵莧. Tamil: Poospattiya moolhapaniya? And here are the pictures of the herb:

Source- http://mdsesd.mds.com.tw/~kinmatsu/flowers/Acalypha.indica.html

Read all about the description of the herb and its worldwide habitat here. Excerpts:

Description: "A small erect herb up to 60 cm tall or a little more, with a few ascending branches, these angled and pubescent; leaves broadly ovate, subdeltoid, rather coarsely toothed, on petioles as long as or longer than the 3-5 cm long blades; nerves 3-5 from base, thereafter pinnately arranged; stipules minute; flowers sessile on erect axillary spikes longer than the leaf; male flowers minute, crowded distally; stamens 8, female flowers scattered along the inflorescence axis, each subtended by a conspicuous semicupular foliaceous toothed green bract nearly 7 mm long; capsule hispid, 1 mm broad, 3-locular." (Stone, 1970)

An 'erect' herb? Well, here is the list of its medicinal properties of it searched through the internet, which the Indians and Ceylonese did extensive studies on this herb (sorry Malaysia, you're a step late):

1. To treat jaundice, asthama, piles, etc. traditionally. Source.

2. As a homeopathy treatment for the hemorrhage from the lungs.

(Source 1 and 2 here)

3. Eaten as a famine food in India! Source.

4. As a neutraliser for Russell's viper venom. Source.

5. As a wound-healer. Source.

And now for the more scientific part (sorry-bad news folks!):

6. Has post-coital antifertility activity (that mean's you tadak subur after you kongk*t). Source. Good news as a contraception for women but bad news for those men who want 'oomph'.

7. Haemolysis in G6PD deficiency (which means your sel darah will pecah if you suffer from G6PD!!!). Source.

Zilch was reported on the anti-erectile dysfunction properties. So while there might be a vacuum for the research on this, its side-effect and toxicity should not be taken granted of, especially where G6PD is highly prevalent in Malaysians. An small-scale study of the prevalence among newly-borned babies could be found here.

People will go to great lengths to get great lengths. So would you rather die of not able to have sex or rather die of internal bleeding? The choice is yours.

I think the next 'scientific' study they will do is on CK Obsession to treat ED.

Majulah seks untuk negara. Jagalah anak-anak anda dari 'anjing-anjing jiran'.

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Wah...so kengchau har...cinnamon can treat diabetes...

"Turmeric Anti-Cancer Benefit": Have You Missed This Headline, The Star?

"Fiesta Hurra": A Kitchen Appliances-Smashing Fest?

Just read the news about this "Fiesta Hurra!" concert in Dataran Merdeka officiated by the spanking new Info Minister. Hurra? Hurra what? Shouldn't it be 'Hurrah' or 'Hurray' instead? So I fired up Google and Wikipedia and found out 'al-Hurra'(which means 'The Free One'), an Arabic language United States-based satellite TV channel, sponsored by the U.S. government.

There's also a Norwegian band by the name of Hurra Torpedo. Basically, they dress in ill-fitting jogging suits, play on a stage smashing various kitchen appliances. Here's a hilarious 1983 clip of them singing 'Total Eclipse of the Heart'. Warning: Clip contains a part of the human anatomy being minorly exposed.

Also check out their latest project: The Crushing Blow.

Lesson of the day: Bad choice of words.

'I Say Amen' Revisited...

Bear with me. This is not crap. Read the excerpts and then the full article later. Excerpts from the powerful, wonderful world of Wikipedia:

Former detainees have testified to being subjected to severe physical and psychological torture that include one or more of the following: physical assault, forced nudity, sleep deprivation, round-the-clock interrogation, death threats, threats of bodily harm to family members, including threats of rape and bodily harm to their children. Also, detainees are confined in individual and acutely small cells with no light and air, in what is believed to be secret holding cells. These interrogation techniques and acts of torture are designed to humiliate and frighten detainees into revealing their weaknesses and breaking down their defences.


...went on the record in 1988 to state "If we want to save [censored-read full article yourself], [censored] must be removed. He uses draconian laws such as the I Say Amen* to silence his critics." The year before, he had also stated "Laws such as the I Say Amen have no place in modern Malaysia. It is a draconian and barbaric law." In 2003 when he became [censored], however, he called the I Say Amen "a necessary law," and argued "We have never misused the I Say Amen. All those detained under the I Say Amen are proven threats to society."

* - a term coined by mGf, Uncle Desi.

Cakap Tak Serupa Bikin? Oh...that's only my good mate's blog (sorry to put you on a pedestal, matey).

Related post: Are You Ready To Be Zam-med© ?

Further reads: Here and here.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Malaysia Is Really Famous in Wikipedia

Again. Catch it while you can:

I think it's not just the Second Plan. It was ALWAYS for the Plan. Indefinitely.

Check out the previously-featured post also.

"Who's Your Momma!": Baru 3 Days Selamat Only , Sudah Controversy

Hope I'm not too late to blog about this coz I can't resist after seeing Taiko's and this latest news.

Baru 3 Days Selamat Only , Sudah Controversy.

Before this:

“I am still in charge of the APs,” Datuk Seri Rafidah Aziz declared.

The International Trade and Industry Minister made this point clear yesterday, at her first official function since the new Cabinet line-up was announced on Tuesday.

Despite the committee set up in the Prime Minister’s Department and chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to look into AP-related issues, Rafidah said matters relating to the issuance of approved permits for car imports were fully under the jurisdiction of her ministry.

Only when problems arose would the committee be involved, she said.

“The committee, of which I am also a member, will handle problems like vehicles being stuck at ports,” she told newsmen after announcing the performance of the manufacturing and related services sectors last year.

”This is the kind of matters that the committee will deal with, things that are related to the Customs Department and which have nothing to do with the ministry.

“It does only that. Administrative matters concerning APs are still under Miti.”

...and also this.

"You wanna know who's your momma, let me show you who's momma. I've got God's mandate (and build The Great WallAP), you know!" Picture via http://www.fabric8.com/bazaar/images/MG0100_alt.gif

But just not too long ago, she had her foot in her mouth:

Committee In PM Dept Fully Responsible For AP, Says Abdullah

PUTRAJAYA, Feb 17 (Bernama) -- Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi Friday clarified that a committee in the Prime Minister's Department, chaired by his deputy, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, was fully responsible for considering and deciding on policies related to the Approved Permits (APs) for vehicles.

He said the committee was also responsible for resolving any problems arising from the implementation of policies related to AP.

These would also include problems that arise involving the roles played other agencies such as the Customs Department or the Transport Ministry, he told Bernama here Friday.

"The Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) plays the Secretariat role in the implementation of any policy or decision made by the committee," Abdullah said.

International Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Seri Rafidah Aziz is a member of the committee, the prime minister said.

An English daily newspaper Friday claimed that Rafidah had said at a function in the city Thursday that she was still responsible for the AP and that the committee would play a role only in the event of a problem.

In the cabinet reshuffle announced Tuesday, Rafidah was retained in her portfolio, with Abdullah saying that his decision was based on the fact that Rafidah's expertise and service were still required.

The AP issue became a controversy last year when several factions raised questions on the manner in which the APs were issued by MITI.

"Expertise and service were still required". Erhmmm....

I sense that she bears some sheer resemblance with someone here...

The Ultimate 'Mati Katak' Case...

Latest from Bernama:

MPAJ Not Liable For Collapse Of Highland Towers - Court

PUTRAJAYA, Feb 17 (Bernama) -- The Federal Court on Friday held that the Ampang Municipal Council (MPAJ) is not liable for losses suffered by 73 residents of two blocks of Highland Towers condominium who had to evacuate after the collapse of block one 13 years ago killing 48 people.

A three-member panel of judges presided by Chief Judge of Sabah and Sarawak Tan Sri Steve Shim Lip Kiong, Federal Court judges Datuk Abdul Hamid Mohamed and Datuk Arifin Zakaria ruled that MPAJ were not liable for the pre-collapse and post collapse of block one.

The quorum unanimously ruled that local authorities such as MPAJ were given full immunity under Section 95 (2) of the Street, Drainage & Building Act 1974 (Act 133) from claims for pre-collapse period.

The court today unanimously allowed MPAJ's appeal to set aside the Court of Appeal's decision holding MPAJ 15 per cent responsible for pre-collapse of the block one condominium.


President of the Highland Towers Owners and Residence Association Dr Benjamin George said they were saddened by the Federal Court's decision.

"It is the end of the line and we accept the decision. We're surprised (by the decision). We have to accept the final verdict," he said.

When asked whether the residents would pursue the other suits, he said the residents have yet to decide whether to pursue with the suits or end it.

MATI KATAK!!! Picture source- http://www.mvfra.org/tragic_ht.gif

To see a list of tragic disasters in Malaysia, visit here and Mave.

Who's The Daddy? Who's The Momma?

To quote Mave,

Come 2008/9, Landslide (Victory) Again!

You can always be the 'small child', you know...

The Wise Man's New Clothes

I'm in the mood of telling a story today. A Danish story. No, not the Cartoons story. This is the story of The Emperor's New Clothes by Hans Christian Andersen.

Many years ago there lived an emperor who cared only about his clothes and about showing them off. One day he heard from two swindlers that they could make the finest suit of clothes from the most beautiful cloth. This cloth, they said, also had the special capability that it was invisible to anyone who was either stupid or not fit for his position.

Being a bit nervous about whether he himself would be able to see the cloth, the emperor first sent two of his trusted men to see it. Of course, neither would admit that they could not see the cloth and so praised it. All the townspeople had also heard of the cloth and were interested to learn how stupid their neighbors were.

The emperor then allowed himself to be dressed in the clothes for a procession through town, never admitting that he was too unfit and stupid to see what he was wearing. For he was afraid that the other people would think that he was stupid.

Of course, all the townspeople wildly praised the magnificent clothes of the emperor, afraid to admit that they could not see them, until a small child said:

"But he has nothing on"!

This was whispered from person to person until everyone in the crowd was shouting that the emperor had nothing on. The emperor heard it and felt that they were correct, but held his head high and finished the procession.

If you try replacing 'emperor' with 'leader', 'clothes' with 'iKabinet 40GB©' and 'small child' with 'rakyat', you get the drift?

"It's not half-baked!"
'Shape up or ship out'?
Who's Your Momma?

Yeah, SO WHAT!

Be the 'small child' mate!

Synopsis and picture sourced from Wikipedia.