Friday, February 24, 2006

The Cartoon PCR Roundup

For those living under the coconut shell still in the dark, here's a roundup of my version of the chronology of events:


Mon, Feb 20 :
Jeff questioned whether the cartoon was offensive. (Thou shalt not question?)

Tues, Feb 21:
After almost exactly 24 hours after the exposé, Party A lodged police reports against NST.

Multiple stimulation

Wed, Feb 22

The very next morning, regurgitation of news here, and here. English MSM were deafeningly quiet about this, except of course the accusee who reprinted the cartoon and reiterate 'What NST Says', trying to spin Jeff as an instigator instead.

17:54:47 MYT, Party B, not wanting to lose out, demanded NST to apologise whole-heartedly to Muslims and all races in Malaysia.

19:18 PM MYT, ZAM called the action 'as unwise and uncalled for provocation', and said 'Wait till PM's back.

21:52 PM Top NST editors summoned by Ministry to explain publication of cartoon.

Fake orgasms

Thurs, Feb 23

Morning, NST received a show-cause letter from the Ministry, cartoon strip-daily removed.

20:18 PM NST Editor should be Suspended, says Tun M

20:45 PM PM says 'Too early too comment'.

Fri, Feb 24

UM says 'Action on NST will 'follow rules'.

NST says 'Soli lar, screw you, Jeff and watch out RTM!

13:45 PM "O.K. Say soli enuf liao, come Daddy give you a hug! Don't be a big noti boi next time, O.K."

Friday, after Friday, after Friday: PAS’ publicity stunt a flop.

18:06 PM "We must learn to be like The Sensintrovert sensitive to religions.

19:12 PM Aiks...what a quick U-turn! Oh.... Sandywara after all!

19:13 PM "Semuanya O.K. Kau tim liao."

Refractory period

Second round of Medusa, anyone?

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