Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Catch The iKabinet Shuffle© Award After-Party's Coverage Here!

The Sensintrovert proudly brings you the iKabinet Shuffle© Award after-party's coverage here! Get upclose with the winners and losers and let's see what those who were in and out have to say...

Earlier before the Award anouncement, we heard from Pak Kadir...

"I wish to withdraw from this Award as I wish to spend more time with my family"

And at the after-party...first of all, from the non-movers a.k.a The Untouchables and Venerables coming out from the red carpet, we have...

The Venerable Iron Lady...

"Oh, did I stay? Sorry I turned on the TV too late. I'm so hAPpy. I admire Big Boss and will try to CONvince him at the highest level. I will not disAPpoint him (and you folks out there!)

Samy 'The Godfather' Vellu:

"Vanakkam! Nandri Macha Boss! No problem, Boss! I will shoulder my responsibility (of the cracking bridges) with dedication and determination. I will continue with my task and responsibility (of building more tols) to the best of my ability for the progress of the nation and race. More awards for me later, Boss?"

From the movers, we have Azmi 'I Have A Celeb Wife' Khalid:

"I would do my best to fulfil the aspirations and vision of Big Boss. Psstt...does that include me having to go to China to 'explain' anything this time?"

From the promotees, first we have...Zam:

"Oh I would like to thank my journo experience and folks at Utusan. And yeah, screw China Press, Sarawak Tribune and Guang Ming Daily! For the sake of 'harmony', please suffer in silence, O.K.!"

And this award saw some dark horses, newcomers and come-backs! First, we have Tengku Adnan:

"“I was totally caught by surprise. Like everyone else, I only got to know about it over the television. I am thankful to the Big Boss. Come! Come! Visit Malaysia! Can I put on a new slogan also? Malaysia- Truly Asia Bolehland- Macam-macam Ada!"

...and coming back from a hiatus we have Effendi 'My Wife is PGL' Norwawi:

"I'm totally surprised! I’m greatly honoured by the PM’s confidence in me, and willingly accept. Hey btw, got watch my wife's PGL play onnot?"

...and finally the relatively unknown Zulhasnan 'The Avaitor' Rafique...

"I'm shocked and honoured by the appointment. I thank God and Big Boss for his trust, honour and mandate. Hey btw, you all know me onnot? I'm an ex pilot you KLites, you all better know me now."

And from the evicted ones, we have Shafie Salleh:

"No comment. No comment. No comment."

For the full track listings of the iKabinet Shuffle© Award, check it out here. Also check our your friendly local press for full coverage of the event.

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