Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Double Skids at Kuching Airport in Less Than Two Weeks

They say 'The lightning never strikes twice'. Not for the Kuching Airport.

On Feb 19, a MAS Airbus A330 skidded off the runway when preparing for take-off at the Kuching International Airport. The Flight MH2507 was getting ready to depart for Kuala Lumpur when the aircraft's front tyre got stuck in the soil at the end of the runway while making a U-turn at 11.05 am.

Image from Bernama.

A reader by the name of 'SAM' even wrote to Malaysiakini suggesting that the pilot might have missed his laksa that morning:

I feel sad for the pilot who was clearly thinking of something else at the time (maybe he missed his morning laksa). But on a more serious note, can MAS assure all citizens that this particular pilot and co-pilot will be suspended indefinitely and sent for a refresher courses on simulators etc?

They should not be allowed to fly again with real passengers on board until they have satisfied the most stringent standards with respect to all aircraft operations - taxiing as well as flying!

Then, yesterday morning, another Boieng 727 DHL cargo plane skidded upon landing during rain at the tail end of the runway. 1,000 passengers were stranded, 18 domestic and international departures and 15 arrivals were delayed while two incoming and two outgoing flights were cancelled.

Image from Bernama.

Oh, did I tell you that flying and landing on snow was safe and kinda exciting and fun? Check out this photo:

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