Thursday, February 02, 2006

"Excuse Me, But What Is The DIL Disease?"

Even the doctors were baffled by this disease. It has never been heard before; well actually, not the symptoms of the disease, but the abbrevation itself.

You see, this term was cocked up after there were suspected cases with symptoms similar to that of the Japanese Encephalitis. Some say it was coined by the Health Department director. Some say it is probably 'Dangerously Ill List'. Or maybe the reporter was 'Deeply In Love'.

A simple Google search for 'DIL' returned with the Bollywood hit movie 'Dil Chahta Hai' as one of the top results. A further search with 'DIL acute neurological syndrome' came out with 'Drug-Induced Lupus' as the nearest hit.

While UM continues with its career-assasination bashing for Soi Lek calls for transparency of the actual cause of these 'mysterious' deaths, so far nothing was reported on the blood tests results.

So, have you wondered what sort of blood test which might take so long to yield its results? An internet search revealed that it either involves:

1. Isolation of virus.
Virus can be isolated from the blood during the first week of illness. The CSF rarely will yield virus, except in severe or fatal cases.

2. IgM capture enzyme-linked immunoassay (ELISA)
For serum or CSF; the standard diagnostic test for Japanese encephalitis. Sensitivity is nearly 100% when both serum and CSF are tested. False-negative results may occur if the samples are tested too early (eg, within first wk of illness).

3. New IgM dot enzyme immunoassays
For CSF and serum. Portable, simple tests that compare favorably to the capture ELISA for field diagnosis (sensitivity 98.3%, specificity 99.2% when compared to capture ELISA as standard) or

4. By Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)
An assay to amplify the gene for the core protein region of the virus. Read more here.

Read more about ELISA (it's not a girl's name, btw)here and about PCR (it's not a bomb, O.K.) here.

To know more about JE (not DIL, o.k.) check out CDC's website here.

So, do not confuse this...
The carrier of J.E.- the Culex tritaeniorhynchus mosquito. Source-

with this...
Source- Two casts of DIL Chahta Hai.

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