Tuesday, February 28, 2006

February's Shock Factors in Bolehland a.k.a. Tragedi Bulan Februari

Looking back at my February archives and since today is the last day of February and if you're not too amnesiac, let's have a flashbacks of the shocks we had this month alone. Sadly, most of the cases were swept under the carpet and come 2008/9, landslide (victory) again...

First, still in the festive mood, we started off the month with a Japanese Encephalitis-like disease which struck four people here and killed two. It was later confirmed that it was just due to dengue.

Oh, dengue, not barbee! Source: http://www.dengue.gov.sg/images/Mozzie-logo_h160.gif

Later, on the 3rd, the Boys in Blue were misbehaving again by shaving 11 senior citizens bald but somehow sudah kau tim. Also, Screenshots was down for the very first time but up again soon but down again now. :(

Hair's gone a small matter. Dignity's all gone now, thanks to our 'procedure-abiding' YRFs. Photos from NST.

The JP-cartoons controversy was building up also in the start of the month, followed by The Wise Man breaking his silence and later malignating to the Medusanisation, starting with the banning of cartoon possession, then chronically till the suspension of Sarawak Tribune, Guang Ming Daily and Berita Petang Sarawak. We were also shocked by several fake orgasms involving NST, RTM1, RTM2, TV3 and ntv7 but till date, all are still scot-free. Attention seekers also got their weekly Friday fame.

Click on image for larger view. All copyrights reserved, o.k.! Dun pway pway!

Now, this is the REAL picture from CNN.

Going towards the middle of the month, more mati katak cases were reported.

Source: http://www.cprf.ru/clipart/misc/dead_frog_at_road.jpg

Then, exactly in the middle of the month, just when we thought we could pass Valentine's Day romantically, The Wise Man surface-shuffled the iKabinet 40GB© and there was a confusion also in trying to figure out 'Who's Your Momma' and 'Who's Your Daddy'.

Just a week before the end of the month, the country was shocked by the bird flu virus H5N1 presence in the chickens in Gombak. It was only confirmed and made public after Singapore banned the import of the chickens from Selangor.

Kesiannya makcik!!! Depa orang tak tolong makcik sumbat ayam dalam guni ke? Ish...From NST

There's a saying 'Every cloud has a silver lining' or 'The ship will be naturally straight upon reaching the harbour', but unfortunately in Bolehland, reaching the end of February, we were shocked again with floods, shitty water and petrol price hike! Even Screenshots was down!

No, this is not New Orleans and it was not Katrina's fault...

Some say the feeling of the fuel hike was like Jack being dry-farked from behind by Enis...

Meanwhile, the 'Elie the Loonie' fiasco somehow died down, with the disgraced one trying to dodge whenever's possible.

Land still empty?

Hogging newspaper headlines were trivial researches such as the Orang Asli and the Kucing Galak ones.

Source- http://mdsesd.mds.com.tw/~kinmatsu/flowers/Acalypha.indica.html

Other 'trivial' shock factors in February include the finalisation of space mission and the Big Foot brouhaha.

Wah! Paris and Brokeback also wanna interviewed by my paper! Fast food also going to advertise on my front page! Wohoo!!! (Click on image for larger view)

Will the Jinx of February end soon? Or at least till 2008/9? Image source: http://www.goenglish.com/EveryCloudHasASilverLining.asp

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