Monday, February 27, 2006

Have you been to Shah Alam's 'Water Festival' lately?

Have you been to Shah Alam's 'Water Festival' lately? It was said to be part of the activities to celebrate Selangor's achievement as the first developed state in Malaysia. First, Jeff broke the news and then followed by Bernama and now UM and others.

Check out these pictures, all sourced and copyrighted to Bernama:

No, this is not New Orleans and it was not Katrina's fault...

Even the 'Giant' did not escape the floods...wonder what happened to the goods in there... Image from UM. touching...just see how caring the MB lending his hand in cooking food for the flood victims, which includes egg-breaking...

Eh, how did the UK's Sainsbury's plastic bag end up there? Is there one in Malaysia already? Or someone's been to a 'lawatan sambil belajar' to the UK again?

...and dough-stirring.

What's cooking, Doc?

For more flood pictures, check out The Star's pic gallery also.

Seriously, how would you feel if your MB who said 'Semuanya O.K.' to a piece of bald land visited the drenched you? You love him? Hate him?

Oh, a blogger has also reported on the shitty water in Klang...

Selangor: A Truly Developed 'Water Festival'?

Read about the REAL Water Festival here.

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