Friday, February 10, 2006

"How To Cook Space Mission-Worthy Roti Canai At Almost Anytime, Anywhere."

Hope this is not too outdated yet. Perhaps you all have known that the final 8 candidates for the Malaysian space programme were selected. Well, Congratulations and Well Done to them! The space mission's getting closer and closer also!

While I bang my head to the wall for not going for the selection in the first place awaiting for the final one to go on space and eat Roti Canai Banjir there, The Sensintrovert brings you here "How To Cook Space Mission-Worthy Roti Canai At Almost Anytime, Anywhere." You could even cook these in Brokeback Mountain! Yum!

Bless the food technology in Malaysia, we have almost every food under the sun being processed into canned or frozen forms for our convenience; which includes of course the roti canai. (But will you dare to eat a chicken in a 50-year-old tin?). So here's a step-by-step guide on how to cook instant roti canai.

Get some frozen roti canais from the supermarket...

Any brand will do actually, but what's not to buy this brand- FREE shark's fin soup/bird's nest summore woh! WOW!

And here's the instruction for the cooking...

Thaw the roti canais for about 10 minutes or so...

Fry the defrosted roti canais until golden brown and prepare the dalcha kuah by mixing 1/4 cup water with the contents in the packet. (Mine's too watery longkang water only)

How leh? No meat to eat with? Luckily I got a packet of a very Malaysian sauce- the satay kuah. Just dump in some cut chicken and fry them!

Voila! The space mission-worthy cuisine at the comfort of your home... to banjirkan the roti canai? Dump them into the longkang water and voila!

Happy trying!!!

Oh, another paper's down. So, I thought of setting up one myself, called 'The Sin The Sien*'. Wanna join my ship, anyone? It will be ready by 2007 just in time for a front page like this:

Wah! Paris and Brokeback also wanna interviewed by my paper! Fast food also going to advertise on my front page! Wohoo!!! (Click on image for larger view)

* ammended to be more appropriate; sien means boring.

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