Monday, February 06, 2006

It Was Not The Police Who Did The Shaving, It Was A Detainee!

Well, physically I mean.

I am speechless. Your Royal Force (YRF) was not only abusive but also lazy so royally. They wouldn't bother to lift their royally fingers to shave the hair of the 11 senior citizens. So, after all, YRF as taiko (mastermind), need not do anything physically; they have mahchais (followers/subordinates) to do anything for them.

From The Star:
Last Saturday, they had lodged a police report that the police had asked them to strip to their underpants and then gave an electric shaver to an unidentified detainee there, instructing him to shave the 11 men.

Kudos to you uncles! They are going to sue the crap out of them and make them pay, apparently with the help of DAP. From The Star also and an earlier alert from here.

The 11 men who had their heads shaved while in police custody want to sue the Government and the police over the action.

The group of friends, who were having a game of mahjong at a coffeeshop when they were detained, also planned to demand RM1mil in compensation from the two parties.

Also present were DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng, the party's NGO bureau chief Ronnie Liu and another lawyer, Yap Lum Chin.

NST has a David Beckham haircut's 'before and after'-like photos of the 11 uncles.

Now, let me remind you again. Which friendly neighbourhood party did they go to again first when they were shaved bald? Yes, your race-saviour MCA! From last Friday's news:

Eight of the 11 men accompanied by Balakong assemblyman Datuk Hoh Hee Lee held a press conference at the Bangunan MCA in Taman Indah here yesterday, claiming they were poorly treated.

But I guess these uncles were disappointed when they heard their friendly neighbourhood party trying to sweep things under the carpet:

"It is an isolated incident that happened in only one police station where it looks like discretion was not used," said Liew Yew Fook, Puchong MCA division service centre head at a press conference yesterday.

Also present were representatives from two resident associations, Puchong MCA 14th mile branch and Kuan Chee Heng, the special assistant to Seri Serdang state assemblyman Datuk Satim Diman.

MCA=Your Friendly Neigbourhood Party? Hmmm, think again.

Meanwhile, The Wise Man, despite being the Minister of Home Security, had a black-eye again for being not quite sure of the procedure at first and had a foot in his mouth when some of the YRF chiefs from other states said that it was not quite the common practice. From NST:

A day after Selangor police defended as standard procedure their act of shaving the heads of 11 men arrested for alleged gambling, it turns out that this is not a common practice in other States.

Wait a minute. There's good news! With his signature 'We'll Investigate' quote, he ordered the A-G (bet he must be sweating quite a lot being pushed these cases recently) to probe into the case. Also, Sirs and Knights in the YRF are going to retire soon.

BUT...Kerismuddin Hishamuddin said that these 'isolated' incidents should not be used as an excuse to ridicule the police force.

“Of course we do not condone such activities, but these incidents do not involve the entire police force.

“I am not defending all of the actions by the police. But as the Prime Minister (Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi) had said, these incidents should be investigated case by case.

“We should not accuse the entire force of being problematic.

“In the end, they are the ones who are going to ensure that we live in peace and harmony,” the Education Minister told reporters at the opening of the Gemilang 2020 programme at the Industrial Training Institute here yesterday.

Psstt...datuk. I know you don't need to drive yourself lar. But just ask the drivers what do they encounter when they were approached by the YRF who 'ensure that we we live in peace and harmony' especially in those dark corners and junctions. They will tell you what 'peace and harmony' means.

He's right. Gah! Give YRF a break, o.k. They need more K*t K@ts from us citizens.

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