Thursday, February 23, 2006

J for Jeff, V for Vendetta: The Cartoon PCR.

PCR for Press Chain Reaction that is, not Polymerase Chain Reaction.

Personally, I feel saddened with all these going on. Even his fellow blogger colleagues (celeb ones lar) turned against him because they have some personal interest in the accused paper. Like it or not, some sort of blog wars and blog politics are going on now. And here is my piece of thought, which I would like to keep it short and simple:

1. Pre-core
If anyone would to be blamed and suspended, this, this and this should be the ones instead. No PCR should happen in the first place.

2. Core

A. Was the cartoon offensive? Jeff, The Instigator?

As I'm not a Muslim, I reserve my comments on the extent of the offensiveness part but I dare reiterate this directive is absolutely ridiculous, mimicking it to Medusa.

B. V for Vendetta?

Personal vendetta? Hidden agenda? Personally, I was sort of like in his own shoes when I posted this. It is undeniable that the 'kencing and najis' case did have a psychological imprint on him, like it or not. The same goes for the accusations on me in this forum topic. But allow me to convince you to see the bigger picture in C.

C. Media Policing and Punishing?

I won't talk about political parties here as they claim to be the saviours and defenders of the religion but frankly speaking, they must have a hidden agenda. I'm talking about his exposé/whistle-blowing here. We Malaysians are often too amnesiac to remember past happenings. Call it 'forgive and forget', if you like. I won't give examples of the guilts and spins of the mainstream media (MSM) here. You are smart enough to go figure it yourself.

The Wikipedia defines 'mass media' as:
a term used to denote, as a class, that section of the media specifically conceived and designed to reach a very large audience (typically at least as large as the whole population of a nation state

So, like it or not, even if you live under a coconut shell don't read the papers, never surf the net or don't bother to know the current events, the mainstream media (MSM) played a significant role in our lives, to the extent to brainwash us to believe everything which was written (which includes me previously). That's why how ruling governments and political parties (esp. Third World Countries' ones) like to control the MSM for their propaganda. This further explains why those 'this's in Part 1 mentioned above came in.

3. Conclusion

Like what he mentioned in a reply to the comments he got:
Personally, I am very disturbed ith the modus operandi at the mainstream media, especially those with dominant links to political parties, and their impact on governance in Malaysia. However, my commentary and analysis will only come after all things have settled. Let the law take its own course for now.

, and the fact of the influence of the mass media has, as mentioned in 2C, let this be a litmus test and a yard stick how the iKabinet 40GB© perform. Let the Joe Rakyat see how they fare in handling this matter and interpret what is the extent of hypocrisy and double-standard they might have, if not already publicly known.

The take-home message of the day: Cartoon offensiveness-questionable; Punishing NST: Inevitable.

Final note again: Make peace Malaysian media! May the force be with the bloggers also!

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