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Kucing Galak (Seks): OMFGBBQ! I Can't Believe I Just Read This...

I feel like swearing. Really. Hell yeah. From The Star and earlier from Bernama:

Study on plant that turns cats on

KANGAR: A herbal plant, which stimulates cats to moan and groan after smelling or eating it, is now being researched for its “oomph” power for men.

Researchers are now trying to determine if the Kucing Galak plant is safe for consumption.

The plant, which grows well anywhere, may be an alternative to Tongkat Ali and ginseng.

Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim said research had begun in a mini bio-technology centre in Sungai Batu Pahat near here under a RM2mil grant from the Federal Government.

“Initial research shows that each time a cat smells or eats the plant, its sex drive increases. We want to research the medicinal value of the plant with a view of introducing it for consumption,” he said.

“We are curious why the plant causes the cats to moan and groan,” he told a press conference after the swearing-in of 15 Kangar municipal councillors yesterday.

Shahidan said initial research showed that the herbal plant was suitable for those suffering from erectile dysfunction or low sex drive.

Therefore, he hoped that the plant could be a better alternative for such purposes.

“Currently, the plant has only been tested on cats. We need to see the reaction on people,” he said, adding that researchers from Universiti Sains Malaysia would be assisting.

Miao! Source-

Quote: 'Initial research'. With all due respect Datuk and the related Profs, where is the publication? No publication, no talk, o.k. Publish or perish!

Quote: 'We need to see the reaction on people'. Wow! Never knew that humans could be so easily and instantly be 'guinea-pigs' for medical research in Malaysia. Medical research ethics like ABC. Liddat I also want to come back and do my research. Screw those mice, rat, rabbits, dogs, sheep etc. HUMANS. YUM!!!

Seriously, c'mon lar. We're talking about a very young research field here. You sure you wanna straight away want to test on humans? Do your in vitro studies first, then to in vivo in lab animals ethically and only consider clinical trials O.K. Plurseee!!!

So, it's time for The Sensintrovert to bring you the see the bigger picture now because the mainstream media (MSM) is totally hopeless on this, with the little help of Google and Pubmed.

Now what is this Kucing Galak thing (not to be confused with Kuching Gatal-a blogger?)? Its scientific name is Acalypha indica according to here.
Chinese name: 印度鐵莧. Tamil: Poospattiya moolhapaniya? And here are the pictures of the herb:


Read all about the description of the herb and its worldwide habitat here. Excerpts:

Description: "A small erect herb up to 60 cm tall or a little more, with a few ascending branches, these angled and pubescent; leaves broadly ovate, subdeltoid, rather coarsely toothed, on petioles as long as or longer than the 3-5 cm long blades; nerves 3-5 from base, thereafter pinnately arranged; stipules minute; flowers sessile on erect axillary spikes longer than the leaf; male flowers minute, crowded distally; stamens 8, female flowers scattered along the inflorescence axis, each subtended by a conspicuous semicupular foliaceous toothed green bract nearly 7 mm long; capsule hispid, 1 mm broad, 3-locular." (Stone, 1970)

An 'erect' herb? Well, here is the list of its medicinal properties of it searched through the internet, which the Indians and Ceylonese did extensive studies on this herb (sorry Malaysia, you're a step late):

1. To treat jaundice, asthama, piles, etc. traditionally. Source.

2. As a homeopathy treatment for the hemorrhage from the lungs.

(Source 1 and 2 here)

3. Eaten as a famine food in India! Source.

4. As a neutraliser for Russell's viper venom. Source.

5. As a wound-healer. Source.

And now for the more scientific part (sorry-bad news folks!):

6. Has post-coital antifertility activity (that mean's you tadak subur after you kongk*t). Source. Good news as a contraception for women but bad news for those men who want 'oomph'.

7. Haemolysis in G6PD deficiency (which means your sel darah will pecah if you suffer from G6PD!!!). Source.

Zilch was reported on the anti-erectile dysfunction properties. So while there might be a vacuum for the research on this, its side-effect and toxicity should not be taken granted of, especially where G6PD is highly prevalent in Malaysians. An small-scale study of the prevalence among newly-borned babies could be found here.

People will go to great lengths to get great lengths. So would you rather die of not able to have sex or rather die of internal bleeding? The choice is yours.

I think the next 'scientific' study they will do is on CK Obsession to treat ED.

Majulah seks untuk negara. Jagalah anak-anak anda dari 'anjing-anjing jiran'.

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