Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Not Another Feul Hike Post: It's A Kaching Oil-land in Bolehland!

Check out these figures:

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Check out other facts and figures here.

Some say the feeling of the fuel hike was like Jack being dry-farked from behind by Enis...

Other feul hike-related news and my comments:

Price Hike Not An Election Issue, Says Mawan

Sarawak Social Development and Urbanisation Minister Datuk William Mawan is confident that the petrol price hike of 30 sen will not become an issue for the people in the coming state election.

"Election is election. If necessary, the government will implement policies to benefit the people and I hope the people will understand", Mawan, who is also Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) president, said after chairing the SPDP supreme council meeting here. sure are you? Just look at the pings in PPS here and see how many grouses were there and how many were in favour of the feul hike.

Savings From Fuel Subsidy To Go Towards Development

The estimated RM4.4 billion savings this year from fuel subsidy following the 30-sen rise in fuel prices, Tuesday will be used for national development, particularly to improve the public transportation sector, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said Tuesday.

The savings from the subsidy would be spent in the interests of the people, he said.

"The 30-sen increase in fuel prices is reasonable," he told reporters after attending a briefing at Bank Negara, here.

He said fuel prices in the country were still low compared to those in the other Asean member countries except Brunei.

Abdullah said the government raised fuel prices so that the savings from the fuel subsidy could be used to bring development benefits to the people.

Also echoed by the Chief Minister who had speeding tickets and whose mobile phone got stolen.

'Of the people'. What people? You know, I know, enough lar...

Improving public transportation? No, you can't do that! That goes against your predecessor wish to 'force' every Malaysian to buy the sub-standard Proton and make use of it on the Semi Value highways and pass through kaching tols! Yeah, even the highways are sub-standardly cracking and even succumbed to flood!

And what about the double-tracking project now, eh?

Guess we have to wait till doom's day as the SMART tunnel in Seremban highway and the East Coast Highway in Terengganu still do not see any signs of completion.

Watch On Prices Of Goods

The Enforcement Division of the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs is keeping a watch to prevent any indiscriminate hike in the prices of goods following the increase in fuel prices, Tuesday.

Assistant Director Abdul Madi Wahab said his officers would step up their watch through members of the Price Unit who would be deployed at strategic points, especially at markets in the capital, to identify the errant traders.

One question: "Traders also no need to eat har?"

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