Friday, February 03, 2006

The Police Retaliates!: No To IPCMC, Aye To Humans Rights Lessons, But Yes To Head-Shaving

So you think the Squategate Scandal was over, huh? With the promise by our very beloved PM to set up IPCMC. Hey, wait a sec, not so fast! You think the very royally PDRM is going to keep quiet so easily? They were always 'following the rules', don't they? So, why the fuss of setting up an IPCMC for?

UM has been doing a series of damage control for our very royally PDRM. First, three police clubs wants the setting up of IPCMC to be reconsidered. Then, the same group re-emphasized and reaffirmed their stand that they are going to reject the forming of it totally, with the reason there are already enough monitoring bodies for the Police.

Gah! Give us a break O.K. We need more K*t K@ts from you citizens!

From UM:

Empat badan yang turut memantau pasukan polis pada masa ini ialah bahagian tatatertib PDRM, Suruhanjaya Pasukan Polis (SPP), Suruhanjaya Hak Asasi Manusia Malaysia (Suhakam) dan Biro Pengaduan Awam (BPA).

Berikutan itu, tiga persatuan berkenaan telah menghantar memorandum berhubung penolakan penubuhan IPCMC kepada pihak pengurusan PDRM dan kerajaan.

Oh, no! Not another memorandum fetish again?! Kayveas gonna shout 'Monkey' and 'Resign' again...

Hey, Your Royal Force (YRF), I didn't intend to put this image, O.K. I Image-Googled for 'Malaysian Police' and up came this pic! Photo source-

Meanwhile, YRF will also be going for lessons and seminars on human rights and sensitivity awareness towards women and children( mean that they were not quite aware of these all the while?). More Boys (and Girls) in Blue will also be added to increase their efficiency.

Wow, with these then, our YRF will be the bestest force in the whole wide world. So, I must say 'all the best' and:
May The Force Be With You

So, the main question is..."Is stripping going to stay...even for non-suspected druggie cases and without a warrant?" The answer is "YES!". Such an ironic, UM reported another police abuse case, this time involving shaving also. Farking 11 of senior citizens. Urghh!!!
Yew Bee (54) berkata, pegawai itu kemudian mengarah mereka membuka baju dan seluar sebelum memasuki lokap itu.

Menurutnya, mereka kemudian dicukur rambut seorang demi seorang sebelum dibebaskan pukul 6 petang keesokan hari.

``Kami merasa sedih dan terkilan hanya kerana bermain judi mahjong kepala kami dibotakkan, malah polis tidak memberi alasan kukuh untuk mencukur kepala kami,'' ujarnya.

Also from The Star...
While the men were unhappy that their heads were shaved bald for a minor offence, Kajang OCPD Asst Comm Mohd Noor Hakim said it was normal lock-up procedure to shave a detainee's head.

“We were just following the lock-up rules which states that “rambut mesti di potong pendek-pendek” (hair must be cut short), ACP Mohd Noor said adding that police would continue with this procedure.

Hair's gone a small matter. Dignity's all gone now, thanks to our 'procedure-abiding' YRFs. Photos from NST.

Right. Everything also 'followed the procedure'. Stripping, squating, pumping, shaving, beating, locking, groping and whatever nasty -ings that you could think of.

So, would you please all hail to the latest 'pop star' of Malaysia:
Oopss...YRF did it again!
They played with your dignity
You got lost in the game
Oh baby, baby
Oops!.. you think I'm in power
That I'm sent from above
I'm not that innocent

Once bitten, umpteenth time not shy...

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