Sunday, February 26, 2006

Toyol In Bottle's Back In Sea, When's Perseus Gonna Stop Spinning and Axing Medusa?

Malaysia is really blessed with small and big mythical creatures, and more recently, a mythical creature appeared from nowhere, somehow spinned to get bigger and bigger, so much so Perseuses were employed to chop off its head.

Now, let's get back to the Toyol thingy which created a small storm (not to be confused with a massive flood lately) when UM published this. Thousands flocked to the Pahang Musuem to witness the bottle where the mythical creature was concealed.

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Seriously, if they knew it's a mythical creature which may bring possible harm and jinx to the public, why would they want to put it into a museum for the whole wide world to see? That puzzled me a lot. It was like a scene from Scary Movie 3 where 'The Ring: You're gonna die in 7 days' tape was aired on the TV for the whole wide world to see. (Oh, btw, Scary Movie 4's coming soon and can't wait to see this ultimate spoof movie, with this time featuring War of the Worlds and Tom Kulus jumping on Opelah's couch!)

So the Toyol's finally back to the sea; when are the Perseuses gonna stop the Medusa-spinning and head-axing?

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