Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Unnecessary attention...

UPDATED: Not another SMS hoax!I received a similar SMS from a friend back in Malaysia yesterday on 6th Feb, stating:

Pls help me 2 sms as much as u can ut 2 help female SOO WAN MUN 25 yrs need AB+ blood urgent at GH Ipoh ctc 012 5178533 0126984913. THANKS.

So, I fired up Google, MSN and Yahoo, but only Google returned with the result which I wanted:

The message was sent out on 25th Jan and said the girl 'has less than 24 hours to live'.

Again, please, I kindly appeal to all to think twice, check out the facts and always see the bigger picture before forwarding these text messages. The only party which will benefit from this sort of exercise are telcos, who will be laughing their way to the bank.


Unnecessary attention is...when you get like this and this.

Site traffic's o.k. but not quite enjoying it though as there are much more new material in my blog which people are not quite interested of reading them.

Btw, what has happened to Jia Xin? A lot of people from Singapore were searching for her name and also her hospital. Is that a good news or a bad news?

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