Thursday, February 23, 2006

What Does MV Augusta and Princess Diana's Paparazzis Have In Common?

Question: What does this...

...and these....
have in common?

Answer: Both were dealt with this...

If you think that the selling of MV Augusta by Proton for only 1 Euro was not symbolic enough, how about this case (from Reuters):

Diana crash paparazzi to pay one euro in damages

PARIS (Reuters) - A French court has ordered three photographers to pay one euro in damages for breaching privacy laws when taking pictures of Princess Diana on the night of her fatal crash, according to a ruling made available on Wednesday.

The single euro divided between the trio will be paid to Mohamed al Fayed, the Egyptian-born millionaire and father of Dodi al Fayed, Diana's companion who also died in the crash.

Diana, Dodi and chauffeur Henri Paul were killed on August 31, 1997 when their Mercedes car crashed in a tunnel as it sped away from the Ritz hotel in the French capital with paparazzi photographers in hot pursuit on motorbikes.

The photographers were sentenced on Friday after the Paris appeals court overturned earlier rulings and decided that the three had invaded the couple's privacy twice during the evening.

Haiyo, do you think Mohd al Fayed will even give a damn about the 1 Euro?


Prince Charles' Diary

Meanwhile, late D's ex-husband is suing the Mail on Sunday paper's owners in an attempt to block publication of further details of his thoughts. What thoughts? Losing weight and juicy sexual fantasies with Cam? No...these were his thoughts:

1. The Handover of Hong Kong = The Great Chinese Takeaway.

2. Chinese officials = "appalling old waxworks".

3. One ceremony = "awful Soviet-style" performance; speech by then-Chinese President Jiang Zemin = "propaganda".

4. Not attending a state banquet thrown by Chinese President Jiang Zemin = "as a deliberate snub" and a "boycott" to the regime.

So you thought you have had enough of the British royal family? Seriously, the Brits here do not really give a damn about them. Only people like Britney Spears would go ga-ga over it. Hell, even people Down Under would want to use D in the latest scam!

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