Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Who Speaks For The Bird Flu Outbreak? Who Speaks For The Bird Flu Control?

Title inspired from a recent conference in KL.

Answer: ALL! With the jumbo-sized iKabinet 40GB©, it's not only the Minister of Health who speaks for all. Look at the list of ministry's and let's see what's already been said or will be said:

Prime Minister Cum Minister Of Finance Malaysia and Minister Of Internal Security Malaysia
*wait for few days first; not now*

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister Of Defence
We will strengthen our defence mechanism to control bird flu, which may include recruiting past Khidmat Negara participants as chicken-cullers.

Minister Of Housing & Local Government
Everything also can recycle except chicken and bird carcasses, O.K. And keep off rearing chicken in your house. And when I mean chicken, I mean Gallus domestica, not that other chicken.

Minister Of Works
Vanakkam! Eh, all tambhis and macha, don't go all call my mobile and ask about bird flu O.K.! And don't worry, all highways are safe for those chicken you rear under them!

Minister Of Energy, Water and Communications
Electricity and water gonna increase coz we have to use a lot of water to wash clean out bird flu and more electricity to cook chicken thoroughly.

Minister Of International Trade and Industry,
Even there is bird flu, AP is here to stay. hAPpy now?

Minister Of Foreign Affrairs
Bird flu or no bird flu, we still will NOT have any diplomatic relationships with Israel, O.K.!

Minister Of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry
Action to disinfect all chicken coops in the affected area was also carried out while monitoring of the area and its residents was continuing.

Minister Of Human Resources
The reason for the current undergraduate unemployment might be due to the culling of chicken, causing them to lose jobs. They do not have other skills as they did not have to speak English and only have to say 'Cluck! Cluck!' to the chickens.

Minister Of Education
Kids, do not attempt to use a keris to cull a chicken. Leave them to the Men in White. Now, go back to school and no more chicks as school projects.

Minister Of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs
Come! Come! Everybody eat chicken! Chicken very the nice one!

Minister Of Finance
Bird Flu Brings Down Prices Of Poultry Stocks

Shall I go on?

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