Thursday, March 09, 2006

Aussie Tourism Ad="Where The Bloody Hell Are You?"; Malaysia="Bolehland Macam-macam Ada?"

UPDATED: It was also reported in Beebs.

"Where the *bleep* are you?"


O.K. The title for the Malaysian one-I made it up. But coming back to this bloody Aussie ad, it is banned on UK's TV.

*@#! - TV bans risque Aussie tourism ads

CANBERRA (Reuters) - The country that gave the world such risque comic acts as Benny Hill, the Two Ronnies and Little Britain has banned Australia's new "bloody hell" tourism ads from television because they are too rude.

Australian Tourism Minister Fran Bailey said Britain had banned the television ads, which end with a bikini-clad woman on a beach asking "so where the bloody hell are you?", although the ads would still screen in British cinemas and appear in print.

"The regulators have clearly misplaced their sense of humour -- and this from a country that brought us Benny Hill, (the) Two Ronnies and Little Britain," Bailey said in a statement on Thursday.

She said she had written to the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, Tessa Jowell, to have the television ban overturned. Meanwhile, censored ads would run in their place.

The ads are the centrepiece of a A$180 million (76-million-pound) campaign to lure tourists to Australia. The campaign, which is already running in the United States and New Zealand, will also target China, Japan, India and Germany as well as Britain.

The full advertisement can be seen at

Generally, the ads goes something liddis:
Bloody girl in bikini!

We've bought you a beer

Hehe...We have the camel shampoed for you.

We've saved a spot on beach,

We've got the shark's airpool?

We've got the russos? Roos (as in Kangaroos) off the green?

And Bill's on the other way on the front gate?

Taxi's waiting,

Dinner's about to be served,

Who turned on the lights!

And we've been rehearsing for 40 thousand years,

So, where the bloody hell are you?

Earlier on, KTemoc had his rantings on the 'bloody hell' nonsense going on Bolehland.

"Malaysia-Truly Asia? " Pak Kadir sudah gone now; so how about a new tourism slogan for Malaysia? Hey...we need some damage control here after Beebs published something liddis:

'Malaysia Link In Moussaoui Trial'

The claim came in video testimony by Fazi Bafana, a former treasurer in militant group Jemaah Islamiah.

Bafana said he hosted Moussaoui, then known to him as "John", in Kuala Lumpur in mid-2000 and that Moussaoui asked for his help getting flying lessons.

So, what say you? How about the one in the title above? This blog is not very femes; so I'm not having a contest like the 'OKT in LRT' photo caption one. So, just voice your possible Malaysian Tourism Ads slogan in the comments section. Cheers!

p.s. In UK, we say blardy?

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