Thursday, March 23, 2006

Bad, Bad Engrund by Bernama

After mistaking pornography to phonography, they did it again.
UPDATED: TWICE, in fact.

Click on image for larger view.

No prizes for the correct guessings.

1. Emphasis=noun. Emphasise/emphasize=verb. Choose what you want to use.

2. 'Therapy'! Not 'Theraphy'!

3. 'Other than'! Not 'other then'!

4. Alternative? What alternative? Alternative music? Alternative lifestyle? Alternative sex? Alternative fark?

And not to mention those capitalisation and punctuation mark errors.


How to attrack Angmohs to come here to study leh when their news can't even bear proper Engrish?

Uncle Desi, mind giving them an Engrund lesson?

Looks like while Bee Emm is going all the way for the 'perkasakan', Engrund is going way down to the drain. But who the hell cares? This is Bolehland. We are free to use Engrish or Engrund or Manglish or whatever we like!

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