Thursday, March 30, 2006

'Bodek-king' To The MaximUM.

Call it whatever you want- toady, bootlick, cringe, fawn, grovel, kowtow, slaver, truckle, apple-polish, brownnose, cotton, suck up, curry favor, dance attendance, kiss someone's feet, lick someone's boots or balls-carrying. In Malaysia, we call it bodek-king.

Apple-polishing kit anyone? Image source-

While the open letter remained unanswered, several of the writer's other colleagues were speaking up for the Billboard Bloke as if it is doom's day.

“I simply cannot understand this”

Yeah rite.

“We’re not asking that he stays forever. But at least give him another term so that there can be a continuation of the work he started three years ago,”

Er...more billboards? 2006=Top 400, 2007=Top 500, 2008=Top 600?

Seriously, what's with all these open toadying nowadays? Too much toddy?

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