Thursday, March 23, 2006

Breaking News: The Premier and His Deputy Have Changed Their Lifestyles By Taking A Bus!

Caution: Reading of the following story and the images may cause delusions and loss of consciousness. Viewing strictly under own's discretion.

Ladies and gentlemen. Hold on to your breath. After OKT on LRT, the premier, his deputy and some other cabinet ministers have all made changes to their lifestyle by boarding a public transport-the bus!!! (Moving or non-moving and bus or non-bus (that was a coach actually) are other businesses).

"No point protesting and arguing with us"

"Don't question the use of the subsidy savings"

"We are changing our lifestyles now. Even robbers are taking buses now. Can you? Huh, can you?"

"Duck? What lame duck? Screw you opposition! Now we prove that you're wrong! So will you STFU now?"

"...and here's the itinerary for the day, sirs. Now will you all please sit down so that we could start our journey?"

"Gosh, Najib. These photographers are making us nervous! We're just trying to take a bus, a very public transport, just like the rakyat!"

" Yeah, Pak. I know. I'm trying the best to smile here, you know that dude carrying a mock face cut-out of me . That is so not me. I smile all the time!"

"This is so not me. I smile all the time!" Photo curi from Shagedelica.

"Looks neat and nice. Its design is also beautiful."

"Eh, I wonder where were all the people? This is supposed to be a public transport. There are only 8 of us in the photo. So where's the public?"

Action speaks louder than words. No point protesting and questioning further of the fuel subsidies. Let it be. Let the son have it. They had proven us wrong. Please emulate them and give them your fullest support. Come 2008/9, give them landslide again, O.K.! Cheers!

Gosh, the mainstream media should hire me now! They should thank me for doctor-spinning 'telling the truth' FOC!

Oh, only if you are interested of seeing the bigger picture, please read this and visit this instead.

Side-dish question of the day: "What is the main component of an automobile? If the component is foreign, can we still call it 'national'?"

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