Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Come, Come, Foreign Consultancy Firms! Make Big Bucks in Inefficient Bolehland!

Crackin' Gromit bridges? Worry not! Besides blaming God, there's UK's Halcrow Group Limited to the rescue!

But we're still not satisfied! Mach dir keine Sorgen! Willkommen Deutsche! Come! Come! There's German consulting firm Leonhardt Andra and Partners! Danke!

Don't worry! Even though we blame God for crackin' bridges, you foreign consultancy firms still got a chance to make big bucks in Bolehland! Image source-

Experiencing sloth-like service and bureaucratic red tape in gomen? Howdy homies folks! Come, come, Harvard! We're going to give you big bucks to dissect how sloths work and how we support space mission-worthy cuisines every other half an hour.

Aww...isn't that cute! Come study us how we work; which includes an eye-opening tour on how we have space-mission worthy teh tarik sessions... Image source-

Oh, that's just two examples from the tip of the iceberg. Here's the list of other possible consultancy opportunities for you foreign firms out there:

1. Counteracting fuel hike protest= Water cannon and helicopters consultancy firms.

2. 'Water festival'= Blow-jobdry and boat specialists.

3. Shitty water= Screw Nesh & Diamond! Come! Come! Still can make big bucks here*! (*Excludes Sing-land's Newater as we are officially Singaporeophobic.)

Mind to add on?

p.s. Expats in Malaysia are entitled for complimentary cocktails also!

Image source- The Sun (Malaysia)

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