Friday, March 31, 2006

Deep Thrusts of 9MP: What Orgasms To Expect...

I'm not going to bore you with the long speech and migraine-inducing facts and figures as I know most of you wouldn't give a damn anyway. Read the full speech here yourself and check out some facts and figures from here.

What orgasms to expect from-the 5 thrusts, in Ahbengiflied/Ahlianified form:

1. More jobs especially in ICT, biotechnology and services. Private sector rulezzz...

2. ‘First class mentality’ R&D. No more 'shooting from the hip', Mickey Mouse and 'Jaguh Kampung' research? Only high tech ones.

3. Sama-sama kaya, sama-sama makan kek.

4. Saying no to more
'water festivals', shitty water etc. Resources must take Viagra to maintain it tegang-tegang.

5. No more
sloths? Catching big fishes in the sea, no matter gomen, private of public.

More Ahbenglified/Ahlianified version of the 9MP soon... No need anymore. Nobody's interested. But there's one which caught my interest:

Helloooo there!

Wait...did I heard someone knocking on my door?'s just the milkman...

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