Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Do You Sayang Your KKC? Then You Must Be Vitalsexual!

When I mean sayang in the title, I do not advocate you to go and play with it all the time, o.k.

Move over metrosexuals! Here comes 'vitalsexuals', the latest term coined by Bayer Healthcare. From The Sun:

Rise of the Vitalsexual Man

One thousand Malaysian males in the 18-74 age group are the latest to have come under the random sample-scope conducted by Bayer Healthcare in collaboration with local medical experts last year.

The results of the poll indicate that 39% of men over the age of 40 are Vitalsexuals (see graphics).

The Vitalsexual is one who cares for his sexual health, wants spontaniety in sex, and communicates with his partner. He also pines for the kind of sex life that he had when he was younger.

And, in some cases, he may already be faltering with an appendage that is just beginning to lose its "upward mobility".

He fears being tagged "Frosty the Snowman" and hates the idea of being a confirmed spent force.

However, he's a fighter who clings to the last thing that all men cling to ­ even if erectile dysfunction pictures "still-life" in his groin ­ as he is quick to seek expert help and talk about it.

He is also a nicer guy than his predecessor the Metrosexual Man the spoilt lark, oozing with testosterone and very obsessed about his own erotic satisfaction.

Sweet as he is ­ the Vitalsexual Man is not only concerned about his own sexually aging state but is secretly nervous if his partner is getting enough "torque" between the sheets.

However, his deficit does not debunk the notion that life begins at 40 ­ as he is the hopeful sort who will literally go to "great lengths" to revitalise coital connections.

Dr Zulkifli Md Zainuddin, head of Urology Unit, Department of Surgery, Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, said: "We are beginning to see more of the Vitalsexual Man in our practices.

"He is more aware of his sexual problems and is more willing to discuss and use medicine to maintain the spontaniety of his relationship and to satisfy his partner."

Zulkifli said the first local study of this scale specifically examined sexual opinions, concerns and attitudes of men in the country.

Another expert involved in assessing the study, Dr Low Wah Yun, chartered psychologist and head of health research development unit, Universiti Malaya, welcomed the presence of the new sociosexual type ­ the Vitalsexual Man.

She said the common assumption is that Asian men are self-centred and do not care about partner satisfaction.

Brokeback Vitalsexual?

Marvelous marketing tool! Just coin a term yourself, get people (including Sing-land) to me more concerned about their KKC getting erect and take their Levitra®! Looks like Pfizer (Viagra®) and Lilly (Cialis®) have some serious contender now (not as if it had not happened before this).

Interested in these drugs? Then check out these screenshots ads and its links below. [The pharma companies should employ me as their post-docs upon seeing this ;)]




Notice the difference between the ads? Erhmmmm...
"Eat Viagra, you're alone. Eat Levitra and Cialis (summore 36 hours woh!!!), you get to ko**k*k!"

Kennotlar liddat! Malaysia is losing out to them! Vitalsexual lar! We have our (banned) Tongkat Ali and (unproven) Kucing Galak one what! If we're gonna bet big on these two drugs, we have to think of a brilliant advertising campaign now! To save time and effort, I have thought of two now!

The picture of Kucing Galak was strategically place to censor an anatomy part of the cat.

Now when am I coming out with my own drug? I want to be inducted as a member of this...

Image source: http://pelau.com/events/images/contest/P7050002.JPG

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