Friday, March 10, 2006

Fuel Hike Protest: Who Were The Ones Twisting/Hiding Facts?

Oh, he finally knew it! Read the Bernama news here.

Saying that he was aware some people were angry over the increase in living cost following the Feb 28 hike in fuel prices, Abdullah slammed political parties for taking advantage of the situation to gain political mileage.

If any political mileage was gained and more were to vote for the opposition, I think they deserved it fair and square.

"It is not pleasant for the government to decide on something unpopular for it, it is not, but as the government, we have responsibilities to decide on the actions to be taken at certain time on some issues," he said.

'Responsiblities to take actions at certain time on some issues' like all these (must-click link)?

The prime minister said some people deliberately twisted the facts released by the government on the fuel price hike.

"It is very clear the opposition wants to exploit the situation for their political survival," he said.

Now who were the ones twisting or hiding facts when someone published something like this:

...and twisting facts like this (must click link also):

Quote 1:

Although Malaysia was currently an oil exporter, Abdullah said it would end up importing oil in four years' time because the resource was fast depleting.

Quote 2:

Hakikat yang perlu kita terima ialah minyak negara akan habis pada tahun 2010, iaitu hanya empat tahun lagi.

Tahun itu Malaysia tidak lagi menjadi pengeksport minyak, sebaliknya menjadi pengimport minyak dan tidak mampu memberi sebarang subsidi seperti yang ada hari ini.

Bukan saja pemimpin negara ini harus berwawasan dan bertanggungjawab dalam menghadapi soal minyak ini. Malah rakyat secara keseluruhan mesti bersikap bertanggungjawab dan berkongsi wawasan dengan kerajaan demi masa depan generasi akan datang.

Kita harus berfikir bahawa tindakan perlu dilakukan supaya anak cucu rakyat Malaysia hari ini dapat bersedia menghadapi detik-detik di mana Malaysia tidak lagi menjadi pengeksport minyak dan pastinya, subsidi merupakan suatu konsep yang sudah berlalu zamannya.

Facts and figures 1:

Reiterating that the government still provided substantial fuel subsidies to the people, Abdullah urged them to be thrifty in their daily spending.

"We must be thrifty in our daily expenses. Change our priorities so that we can use our money prudently," he said.

He also drew attention to the fact that the government still maintained price controls on many goods to ensure the prices were not burdensome to the people.

May I ask how more 'thrifty in daily expenses' and 'changing priorities' when we still get cases like this letter and this:

'Thrifty' and 'change priorities'= turn off the lamp altogether?

Seriously, the primer for this Petrol-hike Chain Reaction (PCR) was the sudden fark from behind when the fuel-hike was suddenly increased drastically without any warning in the middle of the night. So don't be surprised there will be a second fark from behind even though when something was said like this:

"However, we understand very well whatever decision we take on this matter, we also need to take into account the people's position at this point of time," he told a press conference after launching the public opinion polls by the Public Complaints Bureau.

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