Sunday, March 26, 2006

Of "Eh, I Tot Mother's Day Is In May, Not Today Lar" and British Summer Time...

To all you mothers out there,

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"Oi, you siao ar? Mother's Day on the second Sunday in May lar!"

Not here in the UK! I was also tad surprised when I came here and asked 'why the hell did the crazy Brits mistake May for March'. But it is what it is. Mother's Day or rather Mothering Sunday is celebrated on the fourth Sunday in Lent. This is what the Wikipedia has to say:

In contrast to Mother's Day, Mothering Sunday is not a celebration of motherhood. During the 16th century, people returned to their "mother church" for a service to be held on the 4th Sunday of Lent. This was either a large local church, or more often the nearest Cathedral. Anyone who did this was commonly said to have gone 'a-mothering' although whether this preceded the term Mothering Sunday is unclear. It was often the only time that whole families could gather together, if prevented by conflicting working hours.

In later times, Mothering Sunday became a day when domestic servants were given a day off to visit their mother and other family members. In today's more secular times, it is generally celebrated as the British equivalent of America's Mother's Day.

Yeah, so screw the Yanks! The Brits (and Irish) want to be different. So Momma's Day comes early in March.

Check out these (Yank) Mother's Day cards by my favourite talk show host, David Letterman. All images are sourced and copyrighted to ©MMVI, CBS Broadcasting Inc. and ©MMV Viacom Internet Services Inc.

Also, today is the start of British Summer Time (BST), which means it will be 7 hours difference from Malaysian time from today onwards till end of October. This is what the Wikipedia has to say on this:

British Summer Time (BST), known in Ireland as Irish Summer Time (IST), is the daylight saving time in effect in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland between the last Sunday in March and the last Sunday in October each year. In both cases, the change takes place at 01:00 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT/UTC). Currently it is also known as Western European Summer Time as used in Portugal and the Canary Islands.

This means that at 01:00 GMT, the clocks will be spooked to turn into 02:00 sardenly liddat! So to my fans out there who keep the British Time, please set your clocks now. (Don't puke now, O.K. LOL!)

This will also mean that from today onwards, those craving for my new blog entries when they go to work early in the morning, will may have to wait longer. This is because the Malaysian news websites will only be updated at around 01:00 GMT (which by the time I will be most probably zzzzzzzzz.....) and hence my rantings later, will be delayed.

As if you need a reason to treat your mom better? Go and take your mums for a brunch today and give her some flowers (which will be way much cheaper than in May)! See? How thoughtful The Sensintrovert is by bringing you this community message service.

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