Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Oh, No! Not The Flowery Slogans Again!

You have heard it for the umpteenth time and here it is again:

Work with me, not for me

Call lar Harvard, Yale, Oxford, Cambridge and all the top management experts around the world (is Mave one?:P), you will still get the same; or even worse when you get cases like this

I WENT to the Johor Baru Land Office recently to pay my quit rent minutes before the 4pm closing time. Just as it was my turn to make the payment, the clock struck four.

The cashiers immediately asked the guard to close the doors, just as a man came lugging his luggage to the door.

The guard ignored his pleas and rushed to padlock the doors while scolding the man.

and this...

I WAS at the Immigration office at KLIA about 11.30pm on March 14 after arriving from overseas. A male Immigration officer walked in, followed by a young male foreigner.

The officer threw the foreigner’s air ticket on the table and shouted at the teenager: "Go back to your country, don’t come to Malaysia!" and then walked off. I was ashamed of the behaviour of the officer.

I complained to a woman officer about this unwarranted behaviour but she just smiled.

Such rude staff should be put in their place and warned not to tarnish the naton’s image.

In this case, 'too many cooks will spoil the broth' comes to sense now. And you can't blame them though. With their superiors having the similar attitude and saying the same favourite-phrase-of-all-time, they are indeed 'working with him'!

Citizen Nades from The Sun wrote about this also in an open column to The Wise Man and suggested the implementation of an Ombudsman system.

Get your free copy or online free subscription and turn to page 26. And here's the quote on the ombudsman system:

The time has come for the setting up of an Ombudsman to attend to complaints against all government departments. It should be given the power to summon heads of departments including secretaries-general of ministries to answer to problems faced by the rakyat.

And the Ombudsman must be given powers to refer erring civil servants to the Public Services Department for disciplinary action. Only this will put fear into the people who behave like warlords and little emperors.

Besides, one of the first decrees that the Ombudsman should make is compel all government departments to respond to complaints in newspapers within 48 hours of publication failing which the head will have to appear before it.

At present, the majority of departments pay scant regard to views and complaints from readers, further reinforcing the people's belief that the civil service is indifferent to the needs of the people.

Sir, one of your first words when you become the chief executive of the government was: "I am your number one public servant". Sorry to say, the numbers proceeding after one, do not seem to exist. The letters from the public which are published in newspapers is testimony of this.

Just like the judiciary which does not make laws but merely interprets them, the civil service is supposed to be the implementer of government policies. But over the years, some have taken it upon themselves to be policy makers, on occasions, defying decisions by the executive.

Together, we can make this country a better place for all Malaysians and we can create a better quality of life. But then, what is there to stop a small group of pen-pushing civil servants to destroy that dream? How do we stop such people in their tracks?

Sir, the answer and the destiny of the rakyat is in the hands of your goodself and your cabinet colleagues. Once the civil service is put on the right footing, there will be no turning back.

This is Citizen Nades in case you're wondering how he looks like.

Now, in January, I somehow posted about the 'lawatan sambil belajar' by Dompok and gang (but somehow deleted the post later).

What has happened to the 'special report would be compiled on the findings of the visit'? Looks like just another 'lawatan sambil belajar' to UK and Sweeden. It must be great visiting the originating countries of Tesco and Ikea, eh? Must have done lotsa shopping?

Now for the love of slogans, there's no need to think further on one on how to attract 'foreign investments'. I have already thought of one:

Come, Come, Foreign Consultancy Firms! Make Big Bucks in Inefficient Bolehland!

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