Thursday, March 16, 2006

Us Citizens Must Be Literally Drinking Oil Every Second As 'It Is Going To Be Depleted By 2010'.

Again I'm no economist nor a petrol industry expert. But The Sensintrovert questioned whether our oil reserves will be really depleted totally in 4 years' time by 2010. The question was again raised for the second time with the uprising of the fuel hike protest at KLCC.

But based on the presentation by Dr Zainal Abidin Haji Kasim, PETRONAS in a MalaysiaIEA / ASEAN / ASCOPE WORKSHOP "OIL SUPPLY DISRUPTION MANAGEMENT ISSUES" in Cambodia, 5 - 8 April 2004, he said that our oil reserves could last at least 18 years.

Who said that it will 'depleted by 2010' in the first place? Was the PM being misquoted again when he said this:

“The Government is actually taking a huge risk by promising not to raise fuel prices anymore for the year because we can’t determine if the world oil price will continue to soar. If it does, we will be in a difficult position,” he added.

Although Malaysia was currently an oil exporter, Abdullah said it would end up importing oil in four years' time because the resource was fast depleting.

Was he being misquoted or being doctor-spinned?

Since then, an editor's column in Utusan Malaysia clearly asked us citizens to accept the hard fact that we will be depleted of our own oil by 2010.

Hakikat yang perlu kita terima ialah minyak negara akan habis pada tahun 2010, iaitu hanya empat tahun lagi.

Tahun itu Malaysia tidak lagi menjadi pengeksport minyak, sebaliknya menjadi pengimport minyak dan tidak mampu memberi sebarang subsidi seperti yang ada hari ini.

Then again, today, we heard it from the mouth of MP of Kemaman, Ahmad Shabery Cheek saying that 'we will be depleted of our own oil by 2010'

Beliau berkata, tindakan Pas juga menyerlahkan bahawa mereka tidak patriotik apabila menggesa kerajaan supaya meminta Petronas memberi subsidi minyak kepada rakyat.

Tegasnya, Petronas tidak boleh sewenang-wenangnya berbuat demikian kerana rizab minyak akan menjadi kecil dan negara dijangka mengalami kehabisan sumber bahan api itu menjelang tahun 2010.

``Rakyat perlu tahu bahawa Petronas kini berusaha gigih mencari gali minyak di beberapa buah negara luar seperti di Sudan dan Turki (negara yang dilanda peperangan) bagi membolehkan rizab minyak negara terbabit dapat dibawa masuk ke Malaysia dan tidak terlepas kepada negara Barat,'' katanya.

I am not influential. And I do not know any petrol industry insider's views and opinions. Nor I am in Malaysia now to write letter and to meet up officials from Petronas to confirm this very fact. I am just a curious citizen looking from the UK at how us citizens were being fooled and tricked (and it's not April Fool's Day yet!) by the lies of certain parties. So please, could someone back in Malaysia fight for the truthfulness of this 'fact'(but seriously, what could you expect when the very company ranked last among the 'World’s Most Sustainable and Ethical Oil Companies 2006'?)

My point here is not to question about the rationale behind the fuel hike (which was still questionable and some say avoidable), but to question how the 'petrol tales' were being hijacked and us citizen's were being threatened as if it is Doom's Day come 2010.

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