Wednesday, March 08, 2006

"Wahlau! Minister Taking LRT Har! Wah!"

2nd UPDATE: Apparently, UK's PM Tony Blair was on the Tube a couple of times, which in one occasion, he was being embarassed.

However, the best part of this story was when Mr Blair tried to strike up a conversation with a female commuter, but she completely blanked him preferring to listen to music on her headphones.

Mr Blair took his seat, turned to her with his famous grin and said: "Hello."

No reaction. She didn't even look in his direction. Undeterred, Mr Blair then gestured in the direction of the accompanying photographers and said: "I am sorry about all this."

Again, she ignored him. Only once did she glance in his direction and even then showed no recognition. By the time she got off at Canary Wharf, Mr Blair had resorted to shuffling through his papers and talking to his Press secretary Alistair Campbell, who was sitting opposite him.

Caption contest anyone? How about a keychain from Copenhagen for the best one? Send in your entries now. Closing date: End of the month.

Muahahahahhahahaha! Now if that would to happen to his counterpart in Malaysia...

Thanks Jon Choo from London for the heads-up.

May I add on something about the Tube? I also bitched about this here.

The newly published Lonely Planet guide criticises London for its "horrendously overpriced" underground and some of the world's most expensive hotels


UPDATED: Patrick Teoh is running a caption contest for the million ringgit picture. Read more about it here and here.

My attempt:

OKT: Wow, this is a shiny pole. Solid lah! You all mind seeing me doing a pole strip? I have some recycled moves, if you like. It may come with a price tag: RM 4 billion!

Man behind: Oi, Brokeback tadak menang Oscar Best Picture, you don't have to make up for that here, o.k.!

Half bald man: Auuu...I like man in suits!

Smiling woman: Strip you noti boi! Strip for momma!

Far left man: Can you hold on for a sec? Lemme hang myself with my mobile phone chain first. *Die*

Ong takes the train to MCA meeting

VIP COMMUTER: Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting (right), sharing a moment with Putra Light Rail Transit (LRT) train commuters yesterday.

Ong decided to use the train to go to Wisma MCA in Jalan Ampang after attending the meeting of Mentris Besar and chief ministers in Putrajaya.

He took the Express Rail Link (ERL) train to the Sentral station in Kuala Lumpur before boarding a Putra LRT service to the Ampang Park station, all in 30 minutes. He then walked to Wisma MCA to attend the MCA presidential council meeting.

Ong said people should opt for the train service to save time and cost.

Image sourced from Bernama.

Well, you've heard about it earlier from here and also Lone.

Wah! While his step is ought to be applauded, but let's not forget these:

Firstly, he must have notified the press and dozens of journalists and photographers must have been chasing him around all along the LRT journey.

Secondly, I wondered whether he travelled during rush hour or not. And did he pay for the tickets? Mana tau, the LRT workers saw him, kasi lepas je lar! Then, he will never experience the pain to queue up to buy tickets, have loose change and the hassle of queeing up all again when he changed LRT service provider as there is no single-system ticket!

Thirdly, the LRT seemed pretty empty. His bodyguards have emptied for him earlier? Have he experienced being cramped and pushed around in a sardine-tinned LRT coach?

Fourthly, like what Lone said:
...there isn't any driver with an official car waiting at the LRT station to take me home (and without the hassle to search for a parking space)

True enough. Who knew what happened after he reached the MCA HQ? All journalists balik rumah liao loh! Will he even repeat this as a routine? Or 'just for show only'?

Question of the day: Do you really believe 100% in what you read from the papers?

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