Thursday, April 27, 2006

Anonymous Bloggers: This Is How I Predict They Would Look Like...

IMHO, one of the conditions of becoming a celeb blogger or getting very healthy site traffic is that people should at least know how the blogger looks like. I mean, what's the point of reading a wall? And either having big coconuts and little birds exceptional good looks, being body-built or have undergone some plastic surgery is a great advantage indeed.

So, have you ever wondered how anonymous bloggers look like (like the very one here)? Worry not. Here's my prediction of how they look like ( a few regular ones that I know one lar!) based on South Park characters:

Ladies first, Anak Merdeka a.k.a. Cik Amoi

I dunno...Pink for a ladeee? (That lollipop's for her children)

Uncle Desi

The journalist suit! Nerdy glasses!

Xpyre (Where art thou?)

Based on his current posts (booze cruise and mid-quarter-life crisis), I guess he would look liddat...

Carbon Copy (Where art thou?)

Well versed in law and critical news analysis, I guess he would look like that...


Erhmm...dunno much about him. But love his conspiracy theories though...

I left out Lucia and Doc Mave as they are not quite anonymous...they have their pictures somewhere...

What about the very one here then? Neh...go figure it out yourself!

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