Thursday, April 20, 2006

Big Foot Captured: Truth or Hoax?

O.K., almost back on track so let's start off with somethig light for the moment.

Breaking news? Big Foot actually exists and was captured? Well, it all started when Abdul Razak Raaff reported it in Berita Harian:


Then, PERHILITAN denied it in Bernama:

And Sim Bak Heng from brother press NST reported that Big Foot is classified as a 'totally protected species':

Maybe someone dressed as Kong as a promotional stint for the release of King Kong DVD and then got caught kot...

I noticed that there were many of these 'Hindu God & Muslim Priest' press 'exclusive' discrepancies. Just previously, it was the UM VC thingy. Now, this one.

Seriously, looking at the core of the whole brouhaha, what are they trying to prove? To support Darwin's Theory of Evolution to we evolve from primates and Big Foot might be the missing link between the chimps and humans? Wait a minute! Then, there will be JAWI squads defying this to the maximum and there will mass protests and burning of Big Foot masks at the streets (normally on Fridays)!

Could someone answer me this question:
What are they trying to prove?

I am sick to the bone of all these jaguh kampung news and politics which made me wanted to stop blogging all about these already! Instead, maybe I should blog about toilets (disabled ones are all-time favourites) or just do C&P of those cute doggies/hot babes pics like what I did during my short 'break'. What do you think?

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