Friday, April 28, 2006

Cheers, Zam! You Have Confirmed To The World That Malaysians Live On Trees!

UPDATED: "Malaysians Are Babies"

The Sun pg. 4 28th April 2006.

And that includes your previous press where you worked and you MPs also. Eat your words.


I'm betting big at Ladbrokes whether JK will pick up this news for Beebs. I have even thought of a headline: "BBC Viewers Are Smarter Than Malaysians"

Thank you, Zam! You have just confirmed to the whole wide world that Malaysians are stupid/shallow/imbecile and live on trees!

Malaysians as portrayed by Zam.

From Malaysiakini:

Zam: No ‘live’ for racist Malaysians

Racist Malaysian viewers are not ready for live parliamentary proceedings, said Information Minister Zainuddin Maidin today.

According to him, local viewers were not up to the mark of their British counterparts.

This is because most Malaysians still think from a racial point of view, he added during his ministerial winding-up on the 9th Malaysia Plan in the Dewan Rakyat.

He was replying to Teresa Kok (DAP-Seputeh) who reiterated the opposition’s long-time demand for live telecast of the proceedings.

Earlier, Zainuddin said the coverage by the state-owned RTM station – which he oversees – is sufficient at present.

“The latest news of the proceedings are broadcasted hourly on (RTM) news (programmes) on television and radio, apart from live reporting from Parliament during the afternoon news,” he said

He added that the Tamil and Mandarin news sessions also gave focus to Parliamentary proceedings while the ministry has introduced a programme called ‘Parliament Today’.

The 30-minute programme shows a compilation of edited Parliamentary proceedings.

Third-world mentality

At this point, Kok interjected. She said the programme hardly featured speeches or views raised by opposition MPs.

She also claimed that many people have chosen not to watch RTM because the station is biased.

“RTM should learn from the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) which practices impartiality and allows the views from both sides to be heard,” she added.

It was to this remark that Zainuddin said Malaysian viewers were not up to the standard of BBC viewers.

The minister reaffirmed this at a press conference later by saying that it was not time yet to have live broadcasts because Malaysians still have a ‘third world mentality’.

“We have not reached an intellectual stage where Malaysians can carry the wisdom of being able to agree to disagree,” he added.

Previously, the government cited high cost, audience rating and racial sensitivity as reasons for rejecting the proposal.

UPDATED: Also from Bernama:

He said the people's level of thinking in this country had not reached the mentality of those watching the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) television broadcast in London or in the United Kingdom to be accorded the same freedom.

Beebs' next ad campaign slogan should read: "Watch Beebs and You'll Be Smart (A Malaysian Info Minister Said So)"

If I'm not mistaken, he is also a Malaysian (unless his MyKad is faulty and say not so). So, logically, he has 'third world mentality' and 'does not carry the wisdom'.

I won't bother putting links of the Malaysian Parliament sitcoms, with Malaysian MPs raising Malaysian racist views (keling thingy), thinking with a Malaysian 'third world mentality' (gatai thingy) and the lack of Malaysian 'wisdom of being able to agree or disagree' (kejap jambatan, kejap tak jambatan).

And you know what; the irony of it is that NOT live-broadcasting the Parliament is part of the Malaysian 'third world mentality'.

Terima kasih, Zam! Me, you and you reading the blog here are confirmed stupids.