Thursday, April 27, 2006

Det vs. Lah Battle Royale Continues: "Sand Sale To Prevent Bankruptcy?"

Anwar sudah lama musuh. Merajuk pula kat Kak Dah. Sekarang, Lah pula jadi musuh.

Despite my alleged profligate ways when I was PM Malaysia is not so bankrupt that it has to depend on selling sand.

My precioussss.... Image source.

Read the full text of the statement here.

Here's an interesting cartoon from Malaysiakini.

Also, read the related news here.

The damage to Singapore business would be at least as bad as that which Malaysia may suffer. But in reality, Singapore needs Malaysia more than Malaysia needs Singapore. We have our ports and airports to replace Singapore ports, airports, and other services.

Yakah? You all tell me.

Will they make peace in public? August the 31st is not too far away...

Oh, the word 'bankrupt' was not just mentioned here once. In fact, it was mentioned almost two months ago here.

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