Monday, April 24, 2006

Eh, Seriously, How Effective Are These Motor Helmet Campaigns?

Have you noticed the motorcycle safety helmet campaign ads on the print and electronic media lately? These campaigns seemed to be 'hangat-hangat tahi ayam' (the warmth's like chicken sh*t); only frantically brought up after increasing amount of cases/deaths or maybe the advertising agencies and their sourcing ministry cronies feeling dry lately?

Have you ever wondered if people ever heed the advice of these ads? Take a look of an example of this latest safety helmet campaign and you tell me.

How would a simple layman on a street wonder about that advert? Probably this:

Soli har. Itu bulak pigi panjat pokok and jatuh har? Apa itu 'accessory' har? Itu keleta punya har? Haiyo, I suka manyak 'accessory' I punya keleta lu pigi talak suka mingapa har? Itu 'neccessity' apa itu har? I tau talak kongk*k satu hali itu satu 'necessary' talak ada. Haiyo!

Who are they trying to kid around (pun not intended)?

Sorry, Kong Choy. You haven't tried hard enough. They seem like fake orgasms to me! Same to say with your PomPom Club's colleague, Soi Lek, with his 'Tak Nak' Campaigns.

Here, I have thought of more appropriately orgasm-inducing adverts, which will probably make Yasmin employ me for her advert firm.

Can't we just have adverts like that? Sigh.

I know Mr. Michael '62% Evil' Ooi has blogged about the ineffectiveness of the AIDS campaign in Malaysia. Check it out here.

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