Friday, April 28, 2006

In Memoriam MGG Pillai (1939-2006): "Singapore To Be Part of Malaysia Again By 2061"

Hmmm...wonder why are there so many obituaries these few days. Life is short, so cherish it.

Honestly, I don't know this man and I don't really read his articles; so I won't pretend that I knew him well and have a tribute for him here.

But interestingly, those in the mainstream journalism field were deafeningly silent for his passing except for The Star.

Bernama has a piece of news in its Malay version.

Even Jonathan Kent (of Beebs) has a letter to Malaysiakini.

I am crossing my fingers to see if the mainstream media columnists/editors will have a tribute for him in their papers.

In the second last article which he wrote in his website entitled 'The crooked bridge and cultural enmity', he actually speculated that Singapore will be part of Malaysia by 2061 after the end of the water agreement:

But there is one difference between Malaysia and Singapore, apart from the majority in one being Malays and the other Chinese. Malays think long term. Singapore short term. Coupled with good public relations, Singapore will steal a march in the short term over Malaysia. I believe in 2061, when the water agreeements expire, Singapore will be part of Malaysia, not as a state but as an adjunct to Johore. Singapore made that possible when it rejected a Malaysian proposal to shore in the profits of the water sold to commercial enterprises. That led to the then prime minister, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, coming to Kuala Lumpur in 1987 to sort it out with his Malaysian counterpart. It was at this meeting that Malaysia took the upper hand culturally from Singapore, which has tried to wrest it back by other means. In public, though, the Singaporean is seen as a go-getter, a Malaysian a bumbling fool harping on his past but quite happy to fill his pockets with money from any source.

Who will continue his website legacy?

Now, I wonder who will take over and maintain his website and continue his journalism work legacy. (Uncle Desi, did you hear any calling yet?)

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