Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Let's See What Have I Missed Out...

O.K. I'm almost back...still 4 more hours to my flight back to the UK and then back to work tomorrow! Now, while I have some time to spare at a cyber cafe filled with computer-games playing kids, let's have a flashback of what I have missed:

1. The sickening 'vacuum' of Det vs. Lah
First, it was the fuel hike. Then it is now the stupid farking bridge. Why now, Che Det? Why only call for people to speak up now? Eat your own words. Eat your own words. Just imagine the money wasted on this saga which could literally fill all the Tebrau Straits with 1 sen coins. Now everyone's feeling the 'vacuum' left by him by his spendthrift habits during his era. This was further worsened by the 'one-man-show' Lah and his idiotic iKabinet 60Gb.

2. Shitty water's back again, affecting KLIA.

3. Power price to increase soon.

4. More money flowing down the drain, the latest -the Kuching prison.

5. Sarawak elections coming very very soon.

Hope that I will be back on track for blogging soon...

p.s. I was at the most expensive city in the world (2006), its neighbouring capital, and one of the (very cheap) Baltic capital. Can you guess where I've been?

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