Saturday, April 29, 2006

Nga Choi Kai, Koh Wan Kai, Yennei Kai and Lou Kai.

Disclaimer: The following post contains images for portrayal purposes only. It does not mean that the people portrayed in them are actually what they were mentioned as. (Have to be politically correct every time so that not to offend people).

Okay, as you may know from my profile, I'm an Ipoh-lang, which means I speak Cantonese. So, today, I would like to share with you some basic Cantonese phrases.

Nga Choi Kai (Chicken Bean Sprout)-Ipoh Fehmes One lar!

Image source from Chan Lillian (please don't sue me Auntie).

Koh Wan Kai
(Cowan Street, now known as Jalan Ekram). Also fehmes for Nga Choi Kai.


Yannei- Kai
(Indonesian call-girl)

Image source: One of the images from this Google Image search.

Lou-Kai (Old call-girl).

Image sourced from Doc Mave (photo modified to protect the innocent).

All the above phrases were from a story by Chan Li Leen (not to be confused with Chan Lillian).

Fined for sex with call-girl


IPOH: It was his 20th birthday but lorry driver Wan Mohd Farhan Khairuddin did not get to blow any candles. (But got a blow job instead?)

Instead, the son of a policeman was slapped with a RM1,000 fine for having sex with an Indonesian prostitute.

Magistrate Teoh Chin Chong also yesterday ordered Wan Mohd Farhan to spend a month in jail if he failed to pay the fine.

Last month, Wan Mohd Farhan had pleaded guilty to having sexual intercourse with 23-year-old Kesy Manda and abetting her in promoting prostitution at 4pm on March 3.

According to several lawyers, this was a rare case as in most cases only those soliciting for immoral purposes were brought to court.

On March 3, a team of policemen had raided a hotel in Jalan CM Yusuf. When police arrived, an alarm went off at the hotel to warn those involved in prostitution activities.

While others tried to escape, Wan Mohd Farhan was caught in flagrante delicto with Kesy in a room.

When asked by Teoh why he had sought the services of a prostitute, Wan Mohd Farhan remained silent. He later denied frequenting prostitutes.

At the same court, Teoh sentenced Kesy to four months’ jail from the date of her arrest.

She had on March 9 pleaded guilty to soliciting for the purpose of prostitution at the same time and place.

“It was my second day at work,” she said during mitigation.

Asked who had introduced her to the “job”, Kesy told the court she had found it on her own.

She later admitted to having served two months’ in jail for entering the country without a permit and possession of a fake identity card in 2004.

In an unrelated matter, two women pleaded guilty to soliciting for the purpose of prostitution at Hotel Cowan on Jalan Raja Ekram here at about 3.15pm on April 24.

Hoong Lay Lian, 45, and Wong Poh Hiong, 40, were asked to pay bail of RM2,000 each pending sentencing on June 14.

Now, back to English. Let's have another round of 'Learn a word of English a day' (Desi's favourite):

flagrante delicto
fla·gran·te de·lic·to
PRONUNCIATION: fl-grnt d-lkt
ADVERB: 1. In the very act of committing an offense; red-handed. 2. In the act of having sex.

This yet another trivial post has been brought to you by The Sensintrovert. Thank you.

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