Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Real Battle Royale: Det vs. Lah.

Well, you must have heard about the gagged open letter by the predecessor here:

Fakta-fakta yang terkandung dalam surat ini perlu saya hebahkan dengan cara ini kerana pada akhir-akhir ini tidak banyak lagi kenyataan saya yang disiarkan, sama ada oleh media massa elektronik atau cetak, walaupun mereka menghantar wakil untuk menghadiri sidang akhbar saya.

Mengenai isu di atas, saya telah menyatakan pandangan saya iaitu Kerajaan Malaysia telah gagal mempertahankan kedaulatan negara. Akibat daripada itu negara mengalami kerugian berbilion ringgit. Wang ini adalah wang rakyat.

Feeling the taste of his own medicine now?

The successor, a.k.a. The Wise Man did not keep his silence in the meantime of showing respect to his predecessor. This is what he retaliated during an event not too long ago: PM Says Not His Policy To Spend And Burden Future Generations (a.k.a. I Am A Person Who Wipes My Feet After Washing It)

"I don't want to leave behind a debt burden or contingent liabilities. I don't want us to succeed today so that the future can pick up the tab"


"Never mind that I may not build great monuments or glittering cities. What is important to me is that what we do today, what we change today, will enable us to succeed now and far into the future"

Ooohh....wasn't that hitting all the right spots already?

More Ooohhss...

"I will not allow the government and ultimately the taxpayers to suffer from lopsided agreements which give disproportionately lucrative returns to private sector promoters."

"The government will also not easily guarantee or subsidise future concessions where in the past profits were privatised and losses were nationalised."

"I do not like bailouts. The rest you will have to work it out."

I like the last one. Walk the talk, Wise Man. You have our faith. We knew he had the largest mandate and chance to break the 'dictatorship'.

BUT to think back seriously, if he could made such open retaliations, why keep the iKabinet 60Gb? Should we continue giving him the benefit of doubt? Was he retaliating just for the coming Sarawak elections?

Oh, and it will be two months since the infamous 'RM 4.4 billion-savings-public-transport' yadda yadda thingy. Sorry I'm not in Malaysia, but do you guys feel any improvement yet in the not-so-public public transport?

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