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The Star's 'Longkang Kepala Hotak Hang' Survey

'Longkang Kepala Hotak Hang' translates as Your Head's Brain Drain or Brain Drain-Your Head!, depending how you would want to interpret it.

UPDATED: Several bloggers had blogged about this issue also, mostly UK students also, including:

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and in more detailed, from Education in Malaysia:

"Weighing" Brain Drain

Calling all Malaysian doctors in the UK

[feel free to inform me if you have blogged about this to let more people know more besides the UKEC's 'syiok-sendiri survey'(if only they would read blogs)]

Seriously, what credibility of the statement from the mouth of the Dean has when he couldn't even differentiate the United Kingdom (UK) from the Republic of Ireland (ROI).


Yet another 'shooting from the hip' survey by The Star, after the cinnamon one?

Poor pay keeping best brains away


LONDON: Peanut salaries and an obsession with world-record breaking. These were some of the reasons given by Malaysia's best brains in Britain for them being reluctant to return home.

In a candid, no-holds barred report to the Government, Malaysian students and professionals spoke their minds on the “pull-push” factor surrounding the brain drain issue.

Their grouses ranged from measly salaries and long working hours to the lack of government support and appreciation for talent and expertise.

Some were particularly irked by what seemed to be a national obsession for world-record breaking and called on the Government to rid itself of its “first world infrastructure, third world mentality” image.

The findings were compiled by the 10,000-strong UK Executive Council for Malaysian Students and submitted to Deputy Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Datuk Kong Cho Ha earlier this week.

Wah, exclusive summore! How 'exclusive' was it? Whom was the report submitted to? Which party did he belong to? And The Star is owned by which party again? Tell me how 'exclusive' it is.

A visit to the UKEC's website revealed that a similar article was published in The Star earlier of the month, with the same message and again, the push-pull factors were mentioned. I'm not sure whether it was due to press backlog, but it is amazing that it took them almost a month to publish the 'survey' results.

The article which came out earlier of the month. Source.

And the following is very interesting quote from the UKEC's website:

PS: Keep the Brain Drain response coming, so far we have already received more than 60 replies! Where's the rest our 16,940 students?

Although I do not disagree with some of the points raised, but seriously, 'more than 60 replies' ? WTF? Wasn't that supposed to be 'personal opinions' rather than 'survey'. A check of the thesaurus of 'survey' revealed this:

1. A close or systematic study: analysis, examination, inspection, investigation, review. See INVESTIGATE. 2. A general or comprehensive view or treatment: overview. See THOUGHTS.

Was the 'survey' systematic at all? Was the methodology revealed? Tell me whether 'more than 60 replies' was comprehensive or not.

A search-back at my previous post on the CNY MCA Open House in the UK, Vincent of Bitching LOG actually revealed that the UKEC was more like a 'syiok sendiri' council (or coccus as Bernama would like to call it).

No, the students that they supposedly represent do NOT have a say in their election. The executive committee is elected, I believe, by representatives of each Malaysian society, usually the president. Again, I am a little out of touch with the current situation, but if precendent allows me to make a fair judgement, then I would say that UKEC is the biggest platform for cronyism that I have ever seen. You may argue that it is the same in every organisation, but if you think about the logics, how do you elect somebody that you have never met?

And oohh, I just couln't stop myself from putting this million-ringgit picture again (although it is not related to the case here):


Label me toady or whatever, I couldn't agree more with Uncle Desi's post

When The Star frontpage greeted Desi with this headline, I almost broke into proFUNity, but there were many kids around. Compare the news extracts with Desi's substitution,

Poor pay keeping best brains away

Desi's substitution:
The race-based politics driving and keeping best brains away

Secong point as reported by The Star
"...and an obession with world-record breaking..."

Desi's adding:... led by many misguided national leaders who obviously were on interested in promoting themselves, not national, or international, interests.
Recall: DPM handing the Jalur Gemilang to an A-team ready to fly to drape a giant-sized Malaysia' Flag over the Pyramid in Egpyt, even before getting the permission of the host government!
What arrogance in assuming the Egyptian government would agree with a Third World mentality that the targeted "task" would amounto to an international feat worthy of a record recognition?

Desi would not go further on this news report because he deemed it an exercise in futility.

The Government' s efforts in doing this survey in the first place, as in previous exercises to attract back Malaysians abroad to serve the NegaraKu, would prove useless because the intention and mechanics were suspect in the first place.
When a scientist conducts an experiment, he must make safe and well grounded assumptions.
But this Government has made many false assumptions and premises, even promoting myths, and I believe my ER know what Desi has been writing about relating to this matter, so I won't bore thee travelling that patth again. It also spoils our AP-petite, and we don't have the right AP, do we?

So my opinion on the Star report~~
Not sincere. Not committed. Brainless.
The Government need not agree. I'm just an ordinary citizen rambling on a Lazy, Hazy Sunday.

Yes. Not sincere, not committed and 'longkang kepala hotak hang' indeed.

Wither Malaysian MSM journalism. No matter whether you're in Malaysia or corresponding from somewhere or not.

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