Monday, April 24, 2006

Yet Another 'Shooting From The Hip' From The New Straits Times (NST).

It seems that they have not learnt from their past mistakes. M was right about the 'Hindu God & Muslim Priest' thingy. Previously they misled the public by hoaxing the UM VC's post. Now, this could possibly be the next one.

A polite advice to NST. If you want to speculate something for sensationalism, always put a question mark to pose them as questions, for example: 'NST's Editor is Gay?' or 'NST is Going to Close Down?' Never try to mislead the public by putting full statement headlines like this:

You see, even the instigator-of-all-time, Utusan Malaysia, bears a question mark in their speculation about the dissolution of the Sarawak State Assembly:

And even the 'Carrefour Colourful Ads' paper knows how to put the phrase 'maybe':

Knowing the fact that the 'Hindu God & Muslim Priest' would NEVER be sacked for his/her mistakes, could you please use more discretion in selecting your headlines? I totally understand that you are being desperate to source more readers out there with more of your sister paper's staff leaving and losing at least a loyal subscriber of your paper for over 20 years (my household). But, please help save the already dwindling image of the journalism in Malaysia! Always check back the definition of 'mass media' when making choices for your headline titles.

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