Friday, May 19, 2006

Media Prima (TV3 and NST) Advocates A Philanderous Lifestyle!

Have you seen today's NST Online's front page?


A race to break the record of the most number of marriages:

So what’s his secret?

"It all boils down to charm. You have to treat a lady nicely, show her your good side and sweet-talk her," he said, adding that he never told his wives-to-be about his previous marriges.

"My record is not that great. Some of my late friends had 50 to 70 marriages."

Most of his ex-wives live in the area and he occasionally bumps into them.

"They hold no grudges against me," he says.

Read the last sentence also. Do not blink your eyes:

Although he has no plans to get married again anytime soon, he does not discount the possibility.

"It depends. If she (Asma’) does not treat me well, I just might," he said cheekily in the presence of his wife.

Suka-suka kahwin; tak suka, cerai. Kahwin macam tukar baju. (You like it, get married; don't like it, get divorced. Marriage is like changing clothes.)

Few days ago, there was a letter in MalaysiaKini saying that TV3 glorifies a polygamous lifestyle:

theSun chose to feature the same topic in its letters section today (it's the same writer, I guess):

I remembered sighting the news about a pakcik who married almost the similar times as Pok Jeng above in the UK papers here. And I tell you it wasn't funny at all to me .

Read also: NST Advocates You To Drink Shitty Water

Who's The Man Behind This Picture? (featuring Utusan Malaysia glorifying drug addict-glamorous marriages).

You see it? While some film supposedly not glorifying Communism was shot down pre-emptively (which was not even seen by some mainstream media journalists themseleves), these mainstream media are transducing bad advocacy to the public!

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