Thursday, June 22, 2006

KL As Third Rudest City: Ignorant and Defiant Ministers

So it seems that KL is the third rudest city. Not sure whether it is as 'third in the world' as not every city in every nook and corner of the world was covered.

And the ministers, led by the 'change your lifestyle' bloke came out one by one denying and defying the survey.

"We can question the tests used in the survey because I understand one of our attractions to foreign tourists is the friendliness of our people... we are very tourist friendly," he said, adding that the survey gave a negative impression of the country.

"Malaysians are known to be very friendly, accommodating and outgoing in helping others. I just do not know which part of courtesy this survey was referring to"

So, it's all about jaga muka for the tourists again, eh? And if I'm not mistaken, ministers and MPs are also categorised as 'Malaysians' mentioned in the quote above. Here, let's see how 'friendly', 'accomodating' and 'outgoing in helping others' these Malaysians are:

Soooo 'friendly'...

Sooo 'outgoing in helping others'...

And my fave,

Soooo 'accomodating'....

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