Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Missing Piece of News

Kali: Hey, you got report the old man's story today har?
Wong: No. Kenapa, tak percaya kah? I tot we all agreed on that?
Kali: Eh, I surfed your website around 8 a.m. something, it was there wat!
Wong: Haiya, remove liao lor. You also never put, I go and put har? Takut lar!
Kali: Eh, got peeple managed to capture the story or not. Nanti you big trouble!
Wong: Haiya, you mean blogger pricks har. Nobody will read their blogs one har. They all 'gomen bashing' and 'unpatriotic' only.
Kali: Ok har, this story, you know, I know, enough lar...

And here's the 'gomen bashing' and 'unpatriotic blogger' who managed to capture the screenshot. Note: The link provided below came out as "Story file not found" as of now.

The news which was not listed today anymore...

Verdict: "Nagging, harping, old man again"

The paper where the budak sits: Zilch.

Bernama: Zero.

UM: None.

BH: ? Elek.

theSun: On leave today.

Only available exclusively....?

Verdict: "Third Party: Oxford-ed Street-Smart Kid"

Interesting read on that budak hingusan.

Wishing you a Happy Sunday. Good day and good luck.

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