Thursday, June 22, 2006

theSun's Very Unamazing and Unconvincing Jacqueline Ann-Surin - MPF Interview

Well, after she wrote an open letter to The Medicine Man over at theSun, Jacqueline Ann-Surin together with its EIC Zainon Ahmad did a follow-up by setting up an interview with the so-called Muslims Professional Forum (MPF)'s Chairman, Dr. Mazeni Alwi.

It is worth to give it a read to see how unamazing the interview was. Get your free copy of theSun or just simply login for the free online subscription.

Personally, the interview was not at all amazing and questions raised were not answered fully. It was not the interviewers' fault though. The questions raised basically covered all the aspects of the 'multifaith pressure' as Beebs would like to call it- the latest Kongsiraya controversy, tudung regulations for IIUM and Your Royally Force, the Moorty/Nyonya Tahir burial saga, the Badai mob group disruption, the Zouk abuse (not the liver sakit case one) and the Mat Skodengs, among others.

However, when it comes to the interviewee's turn, it is better for him to have kept the 'elegant silence' rather than to answer the questions. I am not talking about whether his views were right or wrong but the way the interviewee did the twisting and turning of the answers and not hitting the right spots for the questions raised just irked me a lot.

Here, I have captured some screenshots for you to see for yourselves how unconvincing and unamazing the interview was.

Tell me what's wrong with this part?

Interviews (including job ones) are meant to be narcissistical, where you, the interviewee, should talk more and brag about yourself, rather than the interviewer asking all the questions for you (and to some extent answering for you) and then you, giving single answers or just blindly nod on them.

And towards the end of the interview, things get a little bit tensioned out. And read the final part. Very pathetic attempt indeed.

"Depends lar", "See how lar", " Yes, yes" "No, no".

For the sake of all, I've typed out the last part:

But, I think a lot of people see that as provocative, bringing up those issues and from what I heard, I think the way the forum conducted may not be, may have upset some of the protestors. So, those things need must be looked into.

From what I heard also, the mobs already started being rebellious even before the forum speakers had started talking. Just how could you be upset even before you have listened to anything? Do they have psychic powers? They could read minds? Tell me how convincing this 'from what I heard' bloke is.

Poor interview (by the interviewee part). Even some 'professional' wannabe bloggers could do better than him. Period.

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