Friday, June 23, 2006

Top 10 'To Do' List. Now.

Since people accuse me of not being constructive, here's something for them. Inspired by 22 Questions, here's my attempt Top 10 'To Do' List for The Medicine Man to do. Now.

1. Stop making anymore slogans.
We are really sick. Then I'll discard 'The Medicine Man' tag.

2. Responsible Press Freedom.
This does not mean doing things like stalking other people and making irrelevant comments just for the sake of 'freedom of speech'. What I mean are things like breaking the Prime Media conglomerate for a start, remove any politico-presso linkage and drop draconian press laws. And no more brainwashing from the mainstream media.

3. Revamp the iKabinet 40Gb and make them more accountable.
Remove. Dead. Woods. Self-explanatory. Period.

4. Oh, set up IPCMC. Immediately.
This will shut up the Opposition, the main agenda of your party coalition anyway.

5. Set up the Ombudsman System.
No point for Cabinet Committees if the MPs are more occupied with their personal agenda not accountable to the rakyat. Some urgent ones- Anti-corruption, Local Government and Judiciary Ombudsman.

6. Revamp the education system.
Another Opposition's favourite, do this and they will shut up.

7. Do something with the GLCs lar.
If you can't make Petronas' profits transparent, why not do something crazy like this.

8. Address the multi-faith pressure appropriately.
Tired of the same phrases 'avoid sensitivities', 'follow procedure' and 'for the sake of uniformity' already. Sell your Hadhari properly.


Hmm...what else? I'm going to stop here already. It is really fatiguing, if you know what I mean.

Do these and who will give a f**k about MM, the Son and the SIL.

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