Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Voyeurism At National Service Camp?: "aW3k KhIdM@t Negara"

Move over T@Mmy and Pr@muG@r@ Terl@mp@u, you both have a serious contender, well, much shorter (pun not intended). From theSun:

Five `NS trainees' filmed showering
by Kong See Hoh

A VIDEO clip of five girls, said to be National Service (NS) trainees, bathing and washing up together is being circulated in Teluk Intan, Oriental Daily News reported yesterday.

The 37-second clip, entitled aW3k KhIdM@t Negara believed to have been taken with a camera phone without the girls' knowledge, shows them in the buff in front of a big water tank.

The girls are shown either bathing or brushing their teeth. Two were swaying to some light music, unaware that they were being filmed.

Although the girls had their backs to the camera most of the time, the clip also shows glimpses of some of their faces.

Because of the poor quality of the clip, it is difficult to identify them or determine if it was taken in an NS training camp, the report said.

Nevertheless, the possibility that it could be filmed in a camp has dented the confidence of trainees, their parents and the public in the NS programme.

Asked by the daily to comment on the clip, Perak MCA NS coordinator Datuk Tan Ching Meng said he had no idea what happened.

He did say, however, that it was an invasion of the girls' privacy and should be condemned. He said NS camps had separate toilets and bathing areas for males and females.

He said the female wash areas had big water tanks and the trainees were usually clad in sarong when they bathed.

Tan also said that NS trainees had to surrender their handphones while in the camp as they were not allowed to use them except on Sundays.

A former trainee said that during her three-month stint, the girls were not allowed to bathe in front of the water tank for fear that some trainees might be tempted to take a dip in the tank. She said she was told the water in the tank was meant for washing clothes and the trainees had to take their bath in cubicles.

NS Training Council chairman Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye said he was not aware of the video clip. He doubted that the incident happened in an NS camp as trainees are not allowed to use their handphones.

Yet another reason to cancel the pseudo-National Service?

On another related story, "Malaysians are not having sex", shown by yet another sex survey, this time by Pfizer, the makers of Little Blue Pill.

"Malaysians prefer to have sex with their own hands instead?"

Are we too obsessed with voyeurism and the syiok sendiri(self gratification) syndrome?

Makes me ponder on how people get so easily syiok sendiri with 37 seconds of nudity clips...

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