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Kids, Don't Learn This At Home

I'm speechless.


Compare it to London.

...or Chicago.

...or Tokyo (quite funny in the beginning though).

Feel free to comment.

Banned: Khiow Khoo, Sor Chai, Karrupusamy and Woti

I guess this adds on to the list of Malaysian name dilemma blogged here.

I'm not sure whether I have came across this in the local news due to a busy weekend, but thanks to Jonathan Kent of Beebs, I got to know that you can't simply name your child's name.

To quote:

...and Malays from trying names like Woti, meaning sexual intercourse.

Woti=sexual intercourse? That's something new to me! I thought it is kongk*k=sexual intercourse? No?

Seriously, do you like people governing your lives, i.e. even naming your own child?

And presenting here, the longest name of a person in the world...

The award for the longest name for a person belongs to a German immigrant to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The name he was given at birth, and which somehow fit on his passport was:

(First and "middle" names)
Adolph Blaine Charles David Earl Frederick Gerald Hubert
Irvim John Kenneth Loyd Martin Nero Oliver Paul Quincy
Randolph Sherman Thomas Uncas Victor Willian Xerxes Yancy

(Last name)


In case you didn't notice, he has one given name for every letter of the alphabet plus his surname. Needless to say, he shortened it, and was commonly known as Mr. Hubert Wolfe, though officially it was said that he signed his name Hubert Blaine Wolfeschlegelsteinhausenbergerdorff, Sr.

Happy naming! ;)

Who Controls The Great Internet of Malaysia?

2nd August Update: Never ever before bloggers had been given such glitz and glamour, in a negative way, that is. Today's front-page on The Star (which they themselves must be laughing all the way), where the Man has dropped the bomb. Brace yourself for a real witch hunt anytime soon.

Read further here.

He's really not happy with The Chronicles, for sure.

Wither press and internet freedom. A step backward for Malaysia indeed.


UPDATED: After denying to Jonathan Kent that he has anything to do with internet, he now disagrees that the internet should be regulated. From theSun:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


More than a year ago, we had Jamaludin Jarjis of MOSTE trying to nose into the internet business:

Policies and guidelines can to some extent, regulate the use of the Internet. For example, we have laws that allow authorities to act against those found possessing, selling, displaying or owning indecent materials in physical or digital form. These laws include the Penal Code, Film Censorship Act 2002, and the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998. In cases of hate sites and rumour mongering, although Internet regulations have been around for some time, the implementation have been found to be rather ineffective as it is difficult to trace the source and more often then not requires international cooperation as it transcends borders and may also transit through 3rd countries. Even if identified, it is difficult to prove the offence as the law requires that the offender "be caught in the Act", and committed the offence "with malicious intent".

And just today, he still wants to kaypohchee about regulating the internet. From Utusan Malaysia:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Then, a few months ago, when Malaysia celebrated MSC's 10th Anniversary (while the broadband connection is still of the dial-up speed), Lim Keng Yaik, the Communications Minister, told Jonathan Kent of Beebs that 'Internet is not my business'.

And a few days ago, Deputy Internal Security Minister Datuk Fu Ah Kiow shocked the whole Malaysian internet world cyberworld and blogosphere by announcing this:

It turned out that we were just being Fu**ed around after all...

And ZAM was embarassed that he can only jaga RTM's and Bernama's kain after all...

"Jangan jaga tepi kain orang lain" a.k.a. MYOB, eh?

UPDATED: Still being thick-faced, he boldly announced that the internet should be regulated. From Bernama:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Overlapping of the scope of duties and responsibilities? I'm not surprised. Take the above case for example. Or this. With the iKabinet 60Gb around, bucket loads of songs could be downloaded and even some may overlap each other. It's time the software to prevent the overlapping should be used. But unfortunately, the software is attacked by some virus (who himself got spray-tack) these days.

Gah! Who cares! There's only one person controlling this country, seemingly to be speaking on behalf of all Malaysians now, innit?

If It Bleeds, It Leads

Mati, bunuh, maut, tetak (dead, murder, death, severed)...

Source: Utusan Online 'Berita Dalam Negeri', 31st July 2006.

If only there's a very gigantic rubber for our nation...

Sunday, July 30, 2006

SIL Says Pull Out, FIL Says No!

SIL: Pull out, pa?
FIL: No!

Which pull out do they mean? Are they talking about it here? ;)

Source: Starpix. Read more here also.

Remember to play safe, kids. Pulling out is not the best option. Rubber is. Well, at least 97-99%.

This community service has been brought to you by The Sensintrovert.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Press Wars: Battle For The Front Page

The MSM news editors must be having a dilemma yesterday. Depends on which MSM they belong to, of course.

If your surname is Wong, of course you stand on the fence; you feature both!

Sorry, I see it pointless to subscribe to MSM e-papers, so stop complaining of the poor resolution already. Perhaps Doc Mave could help? :)

And the million-ringgit picture which almost brought the whole nation to tears...

Source: Starpix.

Oh, when opportunity arises, bash the internet also:

The Prime Minister also feared that certain quarters would take advantage of the incident by disseminating rumours, especially through the Internet.

Dayum, internet!

Well, if you're from the 4th floor, there's no doubt anymore. You put it as 'farcical argument between two groups of his supporters' (read: faction within group) and 'fast (action) and furious (of the attack)'.

Wow. Someone up there's so concerned. There, you almost have the whole nation brought down to tears again.

Wow, newpapers editors could read each other's minds. Or not!

[Anyone mind scanning NST's front page for me?]

AND, you portray someone as a hero as well. Or just mentioned his name straight away; put it as 'denied entry'. Who cares about the thousands?

Amongst the thousands, there's the one and only HERO, almost bringing the whole nation down to tears again. Can you spot him? Source: Utusan Malaysia.

Now, if you come out from your coconut shell, who has won this Battle For The Front Page? 72 (with the obscure name splattered here and there occasionally) or 118 (with direct name mentioned)?

Oh, someone hurt his arm while riding a horse (not to be confused with this nekkid staging). Awwwww...there goes another tear brownie point.

A Little Bird (lol...I even have one?) told me that some group of bloggers had dinner with him? Any more insider tips? I wanna know which horse to bet. Big.

Now, even my mother reads The Chronicles. Amazing indeed.

Overall, "you kena spray we report, you bash our BOSS, you punya pasal, we ain't gonna feature that".

Anyone still got any spare tears left after this? ;)

Friday, July 28, 2006

Pepper Spray, Mace or Tear Gas?

If you happened to search for Google News for the 'Gas gets in your eyes' fracas, almost ALL of them mentioned 'pepper spray', while some mentioned it as 'Mace'. So, which is which?

So, here's some community service brought to you by The Sensintrovert to differentiate between pepper spray, Mace and tear gas (CS gas), courtesy of Wikipedia. You know, you have to differentiate between apple and orange today, if not, people might be confused...

On pepper spray:

Pepper spray (also known as OC spray (from "Oleoresin Capsicum"), OC gas, or capsicum spray) is a lachrymatory agent (a chemical compound that irritates the eyes to cause tears, pain, and even temporary blindness) that is used in riot control, crowd control and personal self-defense, including defense against dogs. It is a non-lethal agent that can be deadly in rare cases. The American Civil Liberties Union claims to have documented fourteen fatalities from the use of pepper spray. The active ingredient in pepper spray is capsaicin, which is a chemical derived from the fruit of plants in the Capsicum genus, including chillis. Long-term effects of pepper spray have not been effectively researched.

Pepper spray is an inflammatory agent, not an irritant like Mace. It causes immediate closing of the eyes and coughing. The length of the effects depend on the strength of the spray but the average full effect lasts around thirty to forty-five minutes, with mitigated effects lasting for hours.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

More info on pepper sprays here.

On Mace:

Mace is a tear gas in the form of an aerosol spray which propels the lachrymatory mixed with a volatile solvent. It is sometimes used as a self-defense device. This form of mace is legal in very few countries, thus its use is becoming uncommon.

The original formulation consisted of 1% CN gas in a solvent of sec-butanol, propylene glycol, cyclohexene, and dipropylene glycol methyl ether. Some formulations now also include Oleoresin Capsicum (active ingredient in pepper spray).

Mace was originally manufactured under the name "Chemical Mace" by Lake Erie Chemical (a former division of Smith & Wesson) in 1962, but is now a registered trademark of Mace Security International. The Mace sold today by Mace Security International is pepper spray rather than tear gas. Many other companies now manufacture similar products.

Due to the current brand-name use of the term "Mace" to refer to pepper sprays and the fact that mace is illegal in most Western countries, it is very difficult to find information on traditional mace. "Mace" and "Pepper Spray" are frequently used interchangeably.

On tear gas (CS gas):

CS Incapacitant Spray is used as a temporary incapacitant, to subdue attackers, or persons who are violently aggressive, by many police forces. The chemical reacts with moisture on the skin and in the eyes causing a burning sensation and the immediate forceful shutting of the eyes. Reported effects can include tears streaming from the eyes, running nose full of mucus, burning in the nose and throat areas, disorientation, dizziness and restricted breathing. In highly concentrated doses it can also induce severe coughing and vomiting.

Although predominantly used by police forces it has also been used in criminal attacks in various countries.

CS is banned from use in war by the 1997 Chemical Weapons Convention (signed 1993), as its use could be a trigger for full scale chemical warfare. However, domestic police use of it is legal in many countries.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

So, scientifically correct, which one was used in the attack? You decide...

Harry Potter Star To Bare All For B3sTi@LitY Play

Alrite, just to distract your attention from the Gas Gets In Your Eyes fracas thing...

Gals and brokeback practioners, you will have one of your biggest fantasies fulfilled soon, in London...


Nekkid. With horses. Amazing.

How old is he again? Alrite, 17. Hope that I'm not promoting paedo here. :)

Meanwhile, you could also check out some horse 'action' (minus Harry Potter) in my video here.

Gas Gets In Your Eyes...

I just woke up, logged on to my PC and saw this piece of news...


For one I know, the attacker must be damn stupid. The MSM tried to blackout M's visit to Kelantan and they have failed to do so now. The WHOLE WIDE WORLD knows that he's in Kelantan. Including ignorant and apathy ones.

And some 'gutless' one's reputation must be all time low now.

Meanwhile, here's a song to soothe your spirits:

Gas Gets in Your Eyes
Modified from Jerome Kern (music) and Otto Harbach (lyrics) for the musical "Roberta" in 1933
Recording by The Platters was a # 1 hit in 1959
Remade in 1973 by Blue Haze, it hit # 27

They, asked me how I knew,
My true love was true,
I of course replied, something here inside,
Can not be denied.

They, said some day you'll find,
All who love are blind,
When you heart's on fire, you must realize,
Gas gets in your eyes.

So I chaffed them, and I gaily laughed,
To think they would doubt our love,
And yet today, my love has gone away,
I am without my love.

Now laughing friends deride,
Tears I cannot hide,
So I smile and say, when a lovely flame dies,
Gas gets in your eyes,

Gas gets in your eyes.

Further read: Peristiwa Kota Baru...

"Mummy, Why Is Mr. Nice Guy So Threatening?"

"Mummy, why is Mr. Nice Guy so threatening?"

Circa 1998






Look what they say:

So, mummy, if I want to blog about why those cute little doggies were shot inhumanely, do I have to apply for a license? Sob! Sob!

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Flip-Flop Joget: Please Differentiate Between Apple and Orange

Shhh, Or Else...

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Flip-Flop Joget: Please Differentiate Between Apple and Orange

Mid-May 2006:

End of July 2006:

Please differentiate between an apple and an orange.

Read these Press Statements, which so far, none of the MSM had published them:

Article 11 Unrelated to Inter-Faith Commission

By HAKAM President, Malik Imtiaz

By Centre for Public Policy Studies' Chairman, Tan Sri Ramon Ravaratnam

Related post: Shhh, Or Else...

Shhh, Or Else...


Mayhaps overseas, not at our backyard, darling! People's watching!

Or else!

One of my favourite movies...Are you ready for it?

Nehmind, still print it on products.

So, what does Principle No. 3 say again?

Keyword of the day: Tactical. (not to be confused with Testicles, if there's any at all) ;-)

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Click on image for larger view.

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TARRC: Not Just About The RM 490 Million...

Okay, besides the 'main golf sini' as speculated by me and also pimped by theSun, there's something more about the RM 490 million TARRC Centre.

Seriously, this is not the matter of RM 490 Million. It is the sign of retaliation of NTR already. He wants to crush agriculture, i.e rubber (AAB's pet project) and build his legacy (under his father's name). Overseas.

According to the Hertfordshire Mercury article,

"One of them, a very good source of mine, told me that 'the deputy PM is signing a few defence deals in the UK and he will get the right people to lobby for the approval."

East Herts councillor Nik Wilson said: "This plan is a political and diplomatic hot potato which will reach the highest offices in the land. Our Government may not be able to refuse Malaysia, a major customer of the UK."

Those Brits must be in a dilemma now. Like their Malaysian counterparts, they are not sure which horse to bet . But with the headlines such as 'Half-past-six', 'No guts' and 'He is not my first choice', I guess you pretty much know the answer already. ;)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Nevertheless, it's Tory's rule in East Herfordshire (the lesser evil?), and not bLIAR's party. Let's hope the best for their own environment and for our taxpayers' money.

Read more from KTemoc: UMNO Leadership Split?

Dangerous Precedent?

I got this gem e-mail from my buddy, Walski of MyAsylum, pertaining to my post of the 'extremist', Suqiu:

When it comes to racism, no one particular ethnic group or party can claim innocence of not playing the race card at some point in time or other. Our entire political system is based on race, and until that changes, race will be an important issue, no matter how much anyone tries to avoid it. Our personality, as Malaysians, are race-based. I can't count the number of times the first thing uttered by someone I'm meeting for the first time has been "You Malay ah?" or "You Indian ah?" (I am rather dark-skinned and don't " look/act typically Malay" - whatever the f**k that means). Even back in the days when I used to IRC and ICQ - the second most popular question after A/S/L was what race I am.

It's only a matter of time when Malaysians, of all colors, creeds and religions, have to decide once and for all, whether it's race or country that's more important, because the sand in the hourglass is trickling whether we like it or not. And that hourglass is called globalization. I made the choice a long time ago, and it's for country. The fact remains that there are economic inequalities between ethnicities, but 30+ years of carte blanche race quota-based affirmative action has not gotten us where we want to be. There is a growing gaps between upper-income and middle-class, as well as middle-class and low-income. It's time that affirmative action be based on need, regardless of race.

One after another Merdeka Celebration as it approches, we hear the same thing, again and again. Here, this year alone, see how many times this 'Bangsa Malaysia' has been discussed by the mainstream media, regardless of how brainwashing are they:

1. As early as February the 20th, NST ran a story "Unity- Reality or Illusion"

Datuk Khoo Kay Kim, one of the architects of the Rukun Negara after the riots of May 13, 1969, is clearly unhappy with the fabric of racial unity today. The Professor Emeritus at Universiti Malaya's History Department has just cause to sound depressed after nearly a lifetime of championing racial unity. He points to lacklustre achievements in racial unity as proof that communal ties are at their most delicate in nearly four decades.

The root of the problem, as he sees it, lies in:

* a national school system that has become more communal despite its supposed non-ethnic and non-religious status;

* the participation of political parties in national unity committees; and,

* Malaysians ignoring the fifth tenet of Rukun Negara: good behaviour and morality.

He blames the education system which has become more communal despite its supposed non-ethnic and non-religious status for the growing division between the races.

Khoo, 69, says politicians planned their strategies according to the actual situation and hence fed on the problem.

"They feel that if they strengthen the position of the Malays, the Malays will think as one, and then they will always get votes from the Malays," he said.

This takes him to the second reason behind the problem: politicians who worsen the situation through their participation in national unity panels.

"Each political representative always feels he must fight for his own party. Since we have mostly ethnic parties, they are fighting for their own ethnic groups. It is very difficult to achieve any kind of consensus. For ethnic champions to survive, society must always be in a state of flux. "If you don't do anything positive, things will get worse and worse. You have to address the problem."

Read more from Doc Mave's blog. That photo above also curi from him one. :P

And guess what? Just last Sunday, NST reported that the Government is spending (yet another) RM 100 million to develop what could be the world's first computerised early-warning system on racial conflict. Also, read here. (A heads-up by ShadowFox, who has been very vocal in my blog nowadays, actually).

Nice. Bagai ketam mengajar anak berjalan lurus.

2. Next, on the March 20th, Baradan Kuppusamy of Inter Press Service News Agency presented an independent survey by Merdeka Centre for Opinion Research. I think it was reported by NST also.

In a nation that claims to be a 'melting pot', only 11 percent of the respondents said they had eaten often with friends from other races in the previous three months, and 34 percent said they had never had a meal with people of other races.

About 42 percent do not consider themselves Malaysian first, and 46 percent said ethnicity was important in voting; 55 percent blamed politicians for racial problems and 70 percent would help their own ethnic group first.

According to the survey, 58 percent of Malays, 63 percent of Chinese and 43 percent of Indians polled agreed with the survey item that 'in general, most Malays are lazy'.

Meanwhile, 71 percent of Malays, 60 percent of Chinese and 47 percent of Indians agreed with the generalisation that 'in general, most Chinese are greedy'. About 64 percent of Malays, 58 percent of Chinese and 20 percent of Indians agreed that 'in general, most Indians cannot be trusted'.


3. Then, on May the 16th, we have Jonathan Kent of Beebs telling the whole wide world that Malaysia is not as lovey-dovey as it seems on those 'Malaysia Truly Asia' billboards.

Excerpt from the last 4 paragraphs:

It must be noted that the man who many non-Muslims put their faith in to protect their rights is Umno's leader Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi; both a Malay and a devout Muslim.

"I believe that the rights of non-Muslims are actually expanding under the Prime Minister's liberal leadership," says Reverend Wong Kim Kong, head of the National Evangelical Christian Fellowship.

While Mr Abdullah's predecessor, Mahathir Mohamad, maintained the balance between Malaysia's communities with an iron fist, the consensual Mr Abdullah has avoided a showdown over these religious issues.

Many who value Malaysia's multiculturalism will be hoping that the soft spoken approach of a leader often dubbed "Mr Nice" won't be taken for weakness.

4. Next, on 1st of June, never ever before by the mainstream media, Jacky Surin of theSun wrote an open letter to the Prime Minister. Again, excerpts from the last 4 paragraphs:

Really, I don't need to be a Muslim or a Malay to have a stake in this country. But even that might be delegitimised because in more ways than one, I'm a minority.

And I'm constantly reminded that my views and concerns must give way to the privileges and rights of the dominant race, and a specific interpretation of the faith they profess.

But really what I want to ask you is this: Why do I have to constantly feel afraid in my own country? Why am I continuously told I have less rights to discuss important issues affecting my community?

You promised to be prime minister for all Malaysians. We hope you will remember that promise.

Sob. Touching indeed.

5. And just 4 days ago, on the 21st of July, we have yet another survey by the Merdeka Centre for Opinion Research, reported by NST in the midst of the SKP 2004 Hubungan Etnik seditious book and the UPM mob fracas which bears some racial undertone.

The Malays, for example, were more likely to join organisations and community activities such as gotong-royong, but were less acquainted with information on issues and politics.

When it came to youth and news, the survey found that about 30 per cent followed world politics and issues closely, while 43 per cent of them were interested in local news and politics. Most young people are hooked on entertainment (65 per cent) and sports (72 per cent).

However, this does not mean they do not have their own opinions about politics and Government, as a significant number of youth in the focus groups feel that "politicians only showed interest when elections were near or if some programme they were promoting benefited them".

"They think democracy is ideal but they view politics as dirty. They realise the Government needs check and balance and the majority want public oversight over government actions," Ibrahim said.

Lavinia Kathilingam, 28, said most youth probably do not register for elections because they felt "the system was a little biased anyway".

"But to be honest, looking at the results I think that it is a case of being young and just thinking about yourself, not looking so far into the future," she said.

The 'system' includes you mainstream media, my dear.

Okay, I admit. The above is not is not quite related to the Bangsa Malaysia topic here but still I would like to bring it up to focus on the socio-political apathy of some people.

6. And just yesterday, we have theSun reporting on a research by KJ's alma mater, University of Oxford, more precisely by the Centre for Research on Inequality, Human Security and Ethnicity (CRISE):

Study: NEP reduced ethnic inequalities but economic disparity worsened
Giam Say Khoon

BANGI: The comprehensive implementation of the New Economic Policy (NEP) effectively reduced ethnic inequalities between 1970 and 2005, but economic disparity between states has worsened over the same period.

A study by Oxford University's Centre for Research on Inequality, Human Security and Ethnicity (CRISE) found that while in 1970 about 20% of national income had to be realigned for the average income within each ethnic group to be the same, that figure dropped to 12.3% in 1985 because of the NEP.

CRISE research officer Dr Graham Brown said the figure rose again to about 14% in the early 1990s but fell to 11.1% last year (2005) after the implementation of the National Development Plan, which replaced the NEP in 1991.

Conversely, he said regional inequality has worsened.

"Based on income data from the Statistics Department, the disparity between states is far worse and the gap has widened after the 1997 economic crisis," Brown said during his talk "Dimensions of Inequality in Malaysia: Individual, Regional and Ethnic" at an Institute of Malaysian and International Studies (Ikmas) seminar in Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia last Thursday (July 20, 2006).

For example, he noted that the latest data from the Statistics Department showed that while the mean household income in Kuala Lumpur had a measurement of 1.66, Penang 1.27 and Johor 1.07, Kelantan's was 0.53, Perlis 0.58, Pahang 0.6 and Terengganu 0.65.

Brown said even though Terengganu has an incredibly high gross domestic product because of its oil, it also has a very high poverty rate, and its experience resembles that of Aceh and Papua.

He said the study also found that the budget allocation for development to states currently appeared to be driven more by ethnic and political considerations than by development needs.

"It may be appropritate for the country now to adopt a regionally-based development policy looking at the inequality between states rather than ethnic inequalities.

"But access to employment remains more ethnically-skewed, so pro-bumiputra employment policies may still be relevant at the national level," he added.

Brown noted that development was a multi-dimensional concept and income was only one indicator of well-being.

He added that migration from rural to urban areas has intensified since the 1970s, and that the NEP improved the status of Malays as they migrated and underwent modernisation such as in Kuala Lumpur and Penang.

More NEP yer, KJ? Your boss punya keris doing fine har?

Wonder if he had stepped a foot before in the centre?

In fact, there are many publications published by the CRISE pertaining to Malaysia's inequalities. You can check it out here.

I remembered when I told my Brit colleagues, not just once, that there's positive discrimination and affirmative actions in Malaysia, he/she was in disbelieve. "Such things still happen in this (modern) world?" they said. Please pardon their naivety.

Due to the sensitive manner of this topic, again, the comment section is disabled. As usual, feel free to email me your thoughts on this issue. Cheers.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Aiming The Right Target...

NST Online front-paged it...

So did The Star Online (not front page though), with a very catchy title...

Spot the difference.

Who plays which sport again?

You could always check the Wikipedia if you want...

So, What Is So Extremist About Suqiu?

I just saw this post by (CH)3 pertaining to yet another racist article circulating around the internet after the 'Dr. Ng Seng's' one. He must have Googled for 'Suqiu' after the controversy created by the seditious SKP 2204 Hubungan Etnik coursebook. So likewise, I did the same and found some interesting articles.

So, what is so extremist about this Suqiu? Who were they?

According to an Asiaweek article by Penny Crisp and Santha Oorjitham dated 15th of September, 2000, this is what they say about Suqiu:

Malaysian Chinese Election Appeals Committee, or Suqiu (appeal or request in Mandarin) is formed before last year's general elections. The lobby group was started by 11 Chinese associations and is said to have the support of nearly 2,100 other Chinese groups. One of its goals is to broaden affirmative-action schemes introduced in 1971 under the New Economic Policy (NEP).

You can read their '17 points' here. In point 17: "Provide for Our Indigenous Peoples", the funny thing is that if this group are so extremist as claimed, why did the group was being so bloody busybody wanting to protect the Orang Asli's rights? The could have instead snatched their land and give them to their particular race group instead! Talking about extremism, eh?

And here's the response, if you're too amnesiac to remember it:

The response: Some 500 members of 13 Malay associations went to Mahathir's office on Aug. 17 to demand that Malay rights be protected. The next day about 200 UMNO Youth members demonstrated outside the Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall (which houses Suqiu). Some threatened to burn down the hall. UMNO Youth deputy Abdul Aziz Sheikh Fadzir turned down Suqiu's offer of talks, demanding an apology and withdrawal of the 17 appeals. Suqiu refused.

Guess who shouted the loudest there?

According to the same article, "Theories of Race: PM Mahathir has hit out at an affirmative-action proposal as the work of Chinese extremists. Why?", the controversy did not just start recently. It started during the Millennium Merdeka Speech when he likened the Suqiu group as Islamic deviationists or the communists:

Playing a race card, especially with political gain in mind, can be tantamount to sedition under Malaysian law. Depends who you are, of course. For Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, it was okay to blast a set of appeals — including affirmative action based on need, not on "race, social background and religious belief" — as the work of ethnic Chinese extremists. These people, Mahathir said during his Aug. 31 National Day speech, were like Islamic deviationists or "the communists who wanted to totally abolish the special status of the Malays in Malaysia." Such pro-Malay rhetoric is a familiar theme for the PM and his United Malays National Organization (UMNO), which leads the ruling coalition. But why the uproar over something that had been discussed calmly in August 1999?

Many Chinese reacted with alarm to the outburst, mindful of two major incidents in which they were embroiled in the past. In 1969, when UMNO suffered severe setbacks in general elections (as it did last year), political rallies degenerated into race riots that left at least 200 dead and triggered a huge Chinese exodus. In 1987, during a dispute over moves seen as a threat to abolish Chinese-language education, the government arrested more than 100 dissidents (including some from the ruling coalition). Lim Kit Siang, chairman of the opposition Democratic Action Party (DAP), said last week that Mahathir's statement was "downright unfair, completely baseless." He blamed the speech for a fall of nearly 7% on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange. The furor is a reminder that despite overall harmony, race has the potential to be an inflammable issue in Malaysia.

The writers also proposed three theories to his sudden outburst in likening the Suqiu group as extremist:

Theory one: It's not the message but the messenger. In March deputy PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi called for affirmative action to be focused on "bumiputras who genuinely need a head start by way of income and opportunities." The implication was not every bumiputra needed to be "mollycoddled by the state" (Abdullah's words). But when David Chua discussed the same proposals, UMNO protested. "The difference was that it was David Chua," says UMNO supreme councillor Shahrir Abdul Samad, adding that the subject should be raised only by UMNO leaders. Lim Keng Yaik, president of UMNO coalition partner Gerakan and primary industries minister, agrees. "For Malays to say that is all right," he says. "For Chinese to say that is not."

Theory two: The election results. A revitalized Malay opposition, coupled with disquiet over Anwar Ibrahim's ouster and trials, seized much of the Malay support away from UMNO and Barisan, which had to rely on the Chinese community to bail them out. Now many Chinese may feel that it's payback time. The problem is that UMNO can least afford to make concessions now. "The moment non-Malays feel that because of UMNO's weakened position they can make more demands, that makes the situation even worse," says UMNO's Shahrir. "If UMNO gives in, it will become even weaker."

Theory three: UMNO's internal politics. "It's a good issue for UMNO, to revitalize itself," says a Malaysian academic. "It may have been created to show UMNO is the only one that can protect Malay rights." Kerk Kim Hock, secretary-general of the opposition DAP, agrees that the issue could be a reflection of UMNO's internal troubles, but "I do not subscribe to the conspiracy theory. And I don't believe Mahathir was behind it. He's been around long enough to know it is foolish to use such an issue." Kerk points out that the PM met Chua on Aug. 18 and accepted that he had never asked for the abolition of Malays' constitutional privileges. Later, Mahathir said that the issue should not be blown out of proportion.

Oooh, so our current PM was mentioned also. But what is his stand now?

In another article by Asiaweek also, later early the following year, by Peter Cordingly, titled "Mahathir's Dilemma", it seems that he was already being humiliated as early as 2000 and not just recently:

...As senior officials looked on in astonishment, longtime member Shahrir Abdul Samad told the premier he was the reason the government had suffered a humiliating by-election defeat just days before. According to a party member present at the meeting, a stunned Mahathir had little to say in his own defense.

Asia's longest-serving elected leader humiliated in front of his lieutenants? And his tormentor walks away with his head still attached to his shoulders? Things have clearly changed in Malaysia. The problem for 75-year-old Mahathir, say his critics, is that he has failed to keep pace. There was a time when he could capitalize on the traditional mistrust that divided the opposition into Islamic and Chinese camps. Those days are gone. Nor can he automatically rely on the support of the Malay majority. Many have turned against him, bitter that the New Economic Policy (NEP), devised to give them a fairer share of the national wealth, now seems to be a tool for rewarding crony businessmen. International investors are walking away, complaining that vital reforms have been abandoned in favor of buddy-based economics.

The unsuccessful marriage between PAS and DAP was also mentioned:

Perhaps the biggest sign of changing times is the way Parti Islam SeMalaysia (Pas), which espouses an Islamic state, is reaching out to the Chinese community. In Trengganu, where Pas runs the state government, it has offered more than $260,000 to 10 Chinese schools to use as they see fit. In Kelantan, the other state it controls, the Islamist grouping has approved the use of Malay reserve land for the expansion of Chinese temples and schools and is talking about building a multicultural mosque that would incorporate Chinese, Indian and other influences.

At the same time, Pas and the predominantly Chinese Democratic Action Party (DAP) are increasing cooperation. Pas now prints the English- and Malay-language editions of the DAP's Rocket newspaper. That publication and Pas's Harakah appear on alternate weeks, ensuring there is always an opposition voice on the streets. "Politics used to be defined along racial lines, but now the issues are justice, denial of rights and demanding those rights," says Pas secretary-general Nasharudin Mat Isa. "Therefore our supporters are reading each other's newspapers." Privately younger Pas and DAP members of Parliament say they find each other "easier to work with." One young Pas MP remarks: "We are young and we realize we are in the same trench fighting the same war."

Wow, talking about inter-faith tolerance, eh? By building a multicultural mosque and such. But fast forward 6-7 years now, what happened? According to Lucia Lai of Mental Jog, we now have slogans like this by them:

“Down with the infidels! Don’t meddle with islam.”
“Crush IFC (inter-faith commission).”
“We are ready to sacrifice for islam.”
“Don’t touch on the sensitivity of islam”
“Stop anti-islam act”.

I'm speechless of their chameleonic tactics. Amazing indeed.

Due to the sensitive manner of this topic, the comment section is disabled. But feel free to e-mail me your thoughts. Cheers.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Some Updates On Current Issues...

Some updates on current issues:

1. On the RM 490 Million TARCC Sports Centre, check it out here, by a UK paper itself.

2. On the UPM Mob Video fracas, from Bernama and The Star. (Everything also involves MCA, eh? Nice.)

3. On the Article 11 Forum in JB, read more from Xpyre and Beebs. Due credit has to be given to the mainstream media for covering this event although Utusan Malaysia has a different spin on that.

There's Something Good About UPM...

Please do not see this as a damage control. If yes, why shouldn't I done this much more earlier and instead coming out with this?

And for the person who is so concerned that her reputation is seriously damaged and hence the inferiority complex resulting from it because she is from there, here's something for her:

Mawi Loves UPM, Hates Drug-abuse And So Should You. (Mawi Suka UPM, Benci Dadah Dan Kamu Patut Juga.)

I hope that Mawi hates mobs and thugs also.

Happy now, dear? Peace.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

I Am A Graduate Of UPM and I Still Blog About The Mob Video

Thanks to my Little Bird, I got this notice:

psst! did you notice one of the so called 'femes' blogger, you-know-who had blog on this issue and she mentioned you a few times... kind of in a negative way.

Aww...I'm very flattered indeed that some 'femes' blogger mentioned this nobody here (even though she got my blog's name spelt wrongly, indicating how ignorant and 'self-righteous' these people are).

As a courtesy but not the extent of creating another blog-war and being creditable to some postings dedicated to this manner here and here, I've decided to give not more than 15 minutes to address this issue here.

First things first, I am a graduate of Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) AND was staying in Kolej 12 throughout 3 years of my study. The funny thing is that I still blogged about it and I'm not worried that the whole wide world would potentially question my CV- BSc. (XXX) UPM (Mob-producing university?). Talking about 'own agenda' and 'protecting own's interest' here, eh? I won't go further on this to protect my anonymity but shoot me any question about Kolej 12 and hopefully, I would be able to answer them. Another thing is that I hold no grudges against moNSTer and its individual bloggers, but the latest 'tell-it-all' podcast made me and Xpyre's bloods boil. And up till date, not even one of them had the courtesy to address the issue raised by Xpyre here.

Most of the allegations are ludicrous and 15 minutes' almost up, so I won't go further on this. Read more on this issue from the reply to my reader's comments here and here.

Remember, it is not blogger like us that you should go against, it is those who deny the right of 'informed choice' that you should be chasing after. Peace.

Friday, July 21, 2006

The Kembang Post

I know some of you might not be interested, but what the hell...


Click on image for larger view. The link and related post here.

Thanks to Anak Merdeka for the heads-up. The e-paper/hard-copy is still inaccessible.

Oh, for those sour-grapes, the traffic's still pretty much the same; look at the Shiny Stats thingy for evidence. :)

Your One-Stop Guide To The Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) Mob Video

UPDATED 19th August: I noticed that some of the readers are still interested in this case, so it is a courtesy for me to provide the latest update on it.

Well, after more than a month later, UPM's VC has finally came out with the verdict of the investigation. Just as I would expect, the mobs are let off scot-free. You can read more about it from theSun and MKini and other blogs such as KeanJin's and KTemoc's.

The UPM's VC has brought us a whole new definition of 'singing'. Make sure you quote him at those no-brainer reality reality singing competitions next time.


UPDATED 0110 BST 22nd July: Up till now, MSM consisting of Utusan Malaysia has not reported on this. Nor Berita Harian.

The Star has reports here and a second report here, puzzlingly all pertaining to a particular race being victimised and not just limited to one university. Also, as a mouthpiece of MCA, more pathetic glorifying here.

And apparently, it wasn't a football game. It was a rugby game, according to the VC, pathetically citing 'all pumped up' as a reason for their aggresive behaviour.

UMNO's mouthpiece and the No.1 Squealer in Malaysia, New Straits Times, has absolutely no report on this at all. Nor their blog. Nor its respectively bloggers. Xpyre has also posed a conscientious question to its bloggers in his blog.


UPDATED 2315 BST: Beh Lih Yi of Malaysiakini has a follow up report on this. They call it "a sham show of unity, staged for the benefit of journalists present". They even have a longer version of the video from another camera (or you can watch it here), featuring more barbaric lower simian actions (especially from Four-eyed Mob) and names were also mentioned.

In the video, the President of the Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar (Student's Representative Body) gave an initial warning to ask the victims to remove the counter as he claimed it to have a 'hidden propaganda'. The victims persisted and everything seemed fine until later, a group of mobs was recruited to disperse the 'stubborn' counter. As explained in the shots below, we can assume that they were from some football game and arrived at the scene to give 'support'.

"Told ya, everything kau tim (settled) already!"


UPDATED 2053 BST: Thanks for the kind traffic and even plugs from celebrities engineer and doctor. Really appreciated it.

Believe me, this is NO small matter. It all roots back to how our education system, which takes up a large proportion of our expenditure (incomed from you tax-payers and the oil), is breeding the generation of youth supposedly leading our country in future. But why blame them? If their leaders could act like thugs in general assemblies (keris waving, remember?) and in Parliament, shout and show profanities publicly, and even encouraged these acts (by planning to employ them to collect debts in Perlis), what do you expect these kids turned out to be? And don't get me started on the corruption, accountability, credibility, blah, blah...

It will be a great shame if the mainstream media (MSM) except theSun chooses to black this news out, due to the 'relatively kecik mayung (trivial)' nature of this matter. Therefore, we as blogosphere netizens should play a role in spreading this news and not sweep it under the carpet.

And as a matter of fact, I shouldn't be blogging about this at all. Up till date, at least to my knowledge, none of the mob victims themselves or witnesses of the incident (out of the over 50,000 student population there) has come out with such blogs. What happened to the taken pictures? Post them up and give us a bigger picture.

It will be very exhausting for me to keep updating the list of blogs blogging on this. Therefore, could you please kindly head on to PPS Search, Technorati Search and Google Blog Search to find out more on who's blogging on this? Cheers.


Look no further. This is the ultimate post on the Universiti Putra Malaysia's mobs assaulting 7 undergraduates at a cafeteria in Kolej 12.

So far, the only mainstream media (MSM) reporting is theSun. Watch this space to find out if there are more reports in the MSM.


UPDATED 0130 BST: Up till now, there's total blackout in the MSM except by theSun, i.e.
The Star, NST, Berita Harian and Utusan Malaysia.

theSun later has a follow-up today: Mustapa: Up to UPM to take action

Will there be another mob incident in JB tomorrow?


To start things off, this is the video we are talking about. For the sake of the international community, this video has some English subtitles and somehow not the original one from Merdeka Review, which first broke the news about this mob case:

It was then later reported by Malaysiakini.

The Malaysian blogosphere buzzlingly followed suit, led by Kean Jin et al (mostly in Chinese), JiNG from ACCeSS GRanTeD (to my knowledge) and several others, including a 'blog elite' and politicians (according to a Technorati search), such as:

mmulibra (in Chinese)


Kit with follow-up here.

Inside Stories

kiankeat lee

THE MALAYSIAN with follow-up here.



jee's life

UPDATED: More links:

Ask For Fun

The World of Fat4


7th Rangers (Mech)

Talk Out Ma' Mind O.o??

Dustyhawk :: Broken Mirror

MentalJog Lulai

Wingie's Cradle

Unfortunately, up till now, NONE of the blog-celebs (including the blog-group), claiming to be 'highly recognised by peers' have blogged about this yet.

Taiko Maikel has blogged about it.


[leave a comment if you have blogged about it so that I could include you also]

And it seems that there are numerous police reports being made. See the statement here. It is not quite a police report though, as it is not in Malay, does not have a report number and the exact chronology of events in it.

MyAsylum has given us a marvelous lesson 101 on how to become a mob (nice job, matey!). And Wikipedia has this to say on the mob psychology:

Mob psychology shows that individuals tend to behave in a different manner as part of a group in contrast to acting independently. Members of a group are prone to acting in ways that they would deem immoral or unjust if in control of their behavior. This is not due to change in one's belief or principle, but rather the fact that individuals tend to ignore or avoid one's conscience or rational judgement. It can be said that individuals in a group defer their goals and take upon the identity of the group. Therefore, members of a group are likely to commit acts they would never commit alone. Being in a group allows individuals to defer blame, responsibility, accountability, and/or judgement upon the group.

There exist many evidence and examples of mob psychology in modern society. One example is the persecution of the Jews during the Holocaust.

Wow, UPM mobs=Nazi?

It think it is unfair just to follow your emotions and let the race card being played in this situation. Let's not jump to quick conclusions and start calling names (as seen in some of the comments posted in YouTube). We still have no idea whether it was race-motivated although the video clearly portrayed that it was an argument between two race groups.

And to the style of Carbon Copy (who is long lost missing nowhere), here's Howsy's analysis of the video with frameshots.

First things first, these are the information that is pretty much confirmed and we already knew:

Date: 17th July 2006

Time: Around 6.30- 7.00 p.m. (Which is true as the mobs were wearing footie kits and to the extent shoving boots at one girl. More details in the pictures below)

Venue: Kaunter Perkhidmatan Perkhidmatan Pelajar, Kafeteria Kolej 12, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM). [Students' Service Counter, 12th Residential College's Cafeteria, University Putra Malaysia (UPM).

Mob group: 'About 50' members of 'pro-establishment group, Kumpulan Aspirasi, UPM (Aspiration Group, UPM) led by Eddy Azuan (student number: 121896)

Mob victims: '7 undergraduates from Gerakan Mahasiswa Maju UPM (GMMUPM) or Students' Progressive Front UPM.

Shot 1: Brochures at the stall

It is clear here that there were brochures on the table at the stall set up by the victims. Not quite sure what the contents were though.

Shot 2: The instigator

Although the video was heavily edited, it seems that this guy here, whom we shall call him 'Green Mob' from now on, was the instigator.

Shot 3: Group cheering and clapping hands

A mob wearing an orange jersey, whom we shall call him 'Orange Mob' from now on, clearly shouted "Tepuk ramai-ramai" (Let's clap together) and the other mobs (with the mob psychology as explained above) joined in and shouted A.B.B.R? (which 'A' clearly stands for Aspirasi).

Shot 4: 'Kami tak suka, you boleh balik'

Yet again, the most favourite phrase used in mob situations- "Tak suka, keluar" (Don't like it, f**k off). But who said it? Also note that there's another mob wearing an orange jersey holding a football, clearly showing that the mobs came in from some football game or something.

Shot 5: The instigator is indeed 'Green Mob'

Shot 6: Shoving of boots

A mob shoving a pair of boots towards the nose of a girl holding a camera, whom we shall call him 'Boot Mob', inviting her to sniff them instead of taking pictures of the mobs.

Shot 7: Waving of boots.

This further strengthens my point that the mobs were from some football game. And there were jeering 'Gelek gelek gelek', reminiscence of comedy scenes from Scenario.

Shot 8: Hooliganistic dancing

The jeerings were following by a mob, whom we shall call him 'Four-eyed Mob' dancing around hooliganisticly and later clapping hands, reminiscence of a lower simian species.

Shot 9: Chair-pulling

Four-eyed Mob pulling away the chair one of the victims was sitting.

Shot 10: The chair-sitting victim was holding a pink placard.

Self-explanatory title. Not sure what it reads though, whether related to the banned SKP 2204 course or not.

Shot 11: The head victim tried to talk things out.

One of the victims (the head, I think) attempted to talk things out by repetitively saying "Jangan gaduh" (Don't fight), which at times mistaken as "Jangan kata" (Don't speak), and also "Tolong, tolong" (Please, please).

Shot 12: Along came the guard.

A guard came by and tried to disperse off the argument. The guard looked very young and based on the uniform and reliable sources, these guards are employed to guard the gates of the residential college, and not from the Central Administration's (they have a different uniform which the ex-VC spent a fortune on them, trying to upgrade them ISO blah-blah).

Shot 13: Orange Mob continues to mob.

Orange Mob continues to mob the head victim, hurling loudly towards the camera and ignoring the guard.

Shot 14: Orange Mob's mugshot.

Smile, you're on The Sensintrovert.

Shot 15: The Red Mob finale.

As the cameraman continues to be attacked as seen by the shaking video, the Red Mob closes the scene by hurling "You pelajar dari mana. Patut kena buang! Belakang? " (Where are you students from? You should be chased away! Behind?)

Imagine these mobs potentially being those of the unemployed (some say unemployable) in future, but later absorbed into the civil service to serve you loyal tax-payers very nicely.

Let us see whether the papers will report it today and what Tok Pa will say on this. Let us not hope the usual favourite politician phrase "They were just following procedeures".